Lisa Thomlins and Sarah Hunter – the munki mash

Lisa Thomlins - credit Sarah HunterHow could I not have heard of Munki Studios which has recorded so many of my favourite bands right here in central Wellington? Trinity Roots, Hollie Smith, Grayson Gilmore, Fur Patrol, Shihad and many many more have all been recorded in this old spy vault.

But now after 25 years, this building is another to be demolished, and the legendary Munki studios needs to move on. But before they do, there is going to be one hell of a last recording bash there, this weekend, with so many of our best bands all jumping in to honour the music studio that helped make them. And this momentous occasion will be streamed live worldwide, so wherever you are you can join the bands for the final recording at Munki and even help out on the boosted campaign.
Welly’s own “20 feet from Stardom” star Ms Lisa Tomlins and one of Welly’s  music scene backbones, Sarah Hunter, talk about why this weekends live stream is so significant.

Munki Mash Live Stream, tune in 22nd August 2015
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Lisa Thomlins photo credit – Sarah Hunter

Chrissy O – the hunter and collector

Chrissy O hunters and collectors

Chrissy O is not only one of Wellington’s most recognized women, she is also the owner of one of our most iconic stores, Hunters and Collectors. Hunters and Collectors has been called a “vintage nirvana” and may have been more suited to the streets of New York, however we have been blessed with this quirky institution right here on Cuba st. for over a few decades now.
In this interview Chrissy shares some of the stories from the wild-side of retail and how she keeps coming up with not only the best treasures, but the best the most inspiring windows in town.

Geoff Marsland – the havana journey

Geoff At Havana cropped

 There is no denying the incredible influence Havana Coffee Works has had on making Wellington the coffee culture strong hold, as well as spring loading and inspiring many other cafe businesses around the country. This year Havana has achieved a massive milestone, leading the nations coffee revolution for 25 years. So to celebrate, founder and partner Geoff Marsland is about to launch a new book, telling the original Havana story. In this interview Geoff talks about his serendipitous journey from fish to fashion to coffee, what those early caffeine fueled days in Wellington were like and what might be next for the Godfather of coffee.

Sam Hunt – a national treasure


We get a few special things happen to us in life and one of mine will most certainly be talking with Sam Hunt on the radio for this interview. There were no visuals, we were just connected at either ends of the line and the island with a task to complete. Of course the man has the most charming way with words… but to hear Sam chanting poem after after poem, stories of Kapiti, mystical experiences and jokes down the phone line will certainly go down as a very memorable experience for me.

He truly is gifted, he doesn’t talk poetry, he is poetry.
Hearing Sam is something you want all your fellow Kiwi’s to experience, so inspiring and the sound of his rising and falling raspy tones are carved into my own kiwi DNA.

Brian Morris – the host of Cuba St.

Brian Morris 2

For a few years now, Brian Morris has made an art of being “Doorman” for one of our most famous bars, the Matterhorn. For me Brian’s welcoming, sometimes cheeky manner has been part of the fun of my evening out experience, but most importantly, he has always made me and others feel safe.

Today I’ll be talking to Brian about how we can preserve the best of Welly’s nightlife, what he see’s on our streets at night, along with a few wise words from one of our few male mentors.

Sam Manzanza – African beats in Wellington

Sam Manzanza 2

The way Sam Manzanza has constantly contributed good energy through his music has been a real gift to Wellington. He is now also the chairman of the African Community Council bringing our growing African residents together with one voice.

It was a great treat for me to be able to talk to Sam about his life before and here in New Zealand and how we can all celebrate the 51st Africa Day.

Danny Lemon – Roots Foundation, good for the Nation

Danny Lemon Image in RPM

An interview with DJ Danny Lemon, who tells the story of Welly’s longest running sound system, the Roots Foundation, what we’ll be hearing for the 21st birthday bash and how his lifelong passion for Roots/ Reggae music has actually changed his life and could change all of ours.

Thanks to Trish from RPM for the photo.