The Kava Club – “Chop Suey Hui”

KavaB-Side Stories host Martin Andrews attends the monthly Kava Club meeting “Chop Suey Hui”. The Kava Club is a community of Pasifika & Maori creatives collaborating, connecting, supporting and networking from 17 Tory St. Each month they meet to eat and drink together with guest speakers discussing a pre organised topic. This months topic was “shhh… it’s a secret” with speakers discussing the celtic origins of Halloween, the Mexican Day of the Dead and the secrets of the Freemasons among other things.

Kava Club Facebook Page

Antony Maddock – the TPP free rockabilly

Antony Maddock - black and white

My old school friend, Antony Maddock talks about his love of rockabilly, his two bands Wayne Mason and The X Ray Catz and the Tony Mad Trio that will be performing at CubaDupa this weekend, and his awesome work in the TPP Action group to help us and our councils be TPPA free.

The TPPA action group

Video of our WCC adopting the 12 point resolution , starts at 3.11

The Lower Hutt City council adopted the 12 point resolution on 24/3/2015

 A petition you can sign

Justine Fletcher – mapping the 1260 who fought to vote

1260 for press release (1)

It is rather poignant that when around a quarter of our country didn’t vote, artist Justine Fletcher has created an exhibition representing the 1260 Wellington women who FOUGHT to vote.

In this interview Justine talks about her jewellery installation 1260 – Sign for Change which kicks off at the Toi Poneke Arts Centre from this Thursday 25 September – 18 October), that will pay tribute to 23,991 signatories of the landmark Third Suffrage Petition of 1893.
She also talks about her life as a busier mum than most, with two of her three children with disabilities and what becomes important to you then.

Teuila Grace Tualaulelei – enrolment queen

Mrs T Newtown Market-

Not only is she the beautiful lady who brings us lovely flowers at the Newtown market, Teuila Grace Tualaulelei, aka Mrs T, is a Field Officer for the Enrollment Office…sound too official? She has been on the front line getting people to enrol to vote for months. In this interview Teuila talks about what it really looks like out there in terms of where our gaps are….I am sure she has a good snap shot on the state of the nation too. And she has an important message for anyone who thinks it is too late to enrol.

Jason Muir – the political cut

Jason Muir Political Cuts

I heard they teach you not to talk politics to anyone in the hairdressing seat ? So why is one of Welly’s most experienced hairdressers creating a hair salon that is doing just that? In this interview we talk to Jason Muir about his new pop-up venture Political Cuts, and why he is not afraid to take his craft to the street.

Marianne Elliot – Living under Fire

Marianna Elliot 2

Not only is Marianne Elliott the smiling face that greets you upon entry to Welly’s most fun restaurant LaBocaLoca, she is the author of Zen Under Fire a book of memoirs about her time as a human rights lawyer in war torn Afghanistan, a Yoga Guide, and she is about take on a new role as change maker with ActionStation.

Part 1 – Before she hits the ground with this next project, I wanted to ask her about her life and death experiences in Afghanistan, how she got through this time and why she came back to Wellington.


Part 2 – Marianne Elliott chats about the effects of the organic tequila at her restaurant LaBocaLoca, her new role at ActionStation and some wonderful insights into what she thinks is important right now, especially for women in our community.

Bella Kalolo – a big voice for the Maui’s


Bella Kalolo is a soulful lady with a big voice and now she is stepping up for those who do not have one, by heading the the WWF New Zealand campaign to save the last 55 Maui’s Dolphin from extinction.

In this interview Bella talks about why preserving our precious native dolphins is so important, how we can also preserve the wellington music industry, as well as what has become important in her life in music.
Thanks to Lou Hatton for this great shot of Bella and all the shots for the WWF Last 55 Maui campaign. Also nice illustration by Lisa Nicole Moes.
You can also help by becoming one of the 52 000 who have already signed here.
And here is a link to Bella singing “I’m every Woman” with Chaka Khan.

Jan Wright – commissioner for our environment on what keeps her awake at night

Jan Wright

As New Zealand’s Environment Commissioner, Jan Wright is the authority on what is happening environmentally in our country. In this interview Jan gives us a breakdown on her latest report on the impending “fracking” or Oil and Gas Drilling industry, as well as the bigger environmental issues at hand. Her mission is to then get politicians to act on her recommendations.

Although we didn’t get to discuss this, the summary below, which ends her report introduction is certainly food for thought at this critical time. And if the Commissioner for the Environment is saying it, why aren’t we doing it?

– ‘The Government has committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to five percent below our 1990 emissions by 2020, but there is no plan for achieving this –neither the Energy Strategy nor the greatly weakened Emissions Trading Scheme will do it. Perhaps I have become particularly sensitive, but I seem to be increasingly hearing that it is pointless for our small country to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases because our contribution to the global total is insignificant. But this is a recipe for inaction everywhere.

The Minister of Climate and Environment in Norway – another small country – recently said it better than I can:
“Norway accounts for 0.04 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. In isolation, what we do is of little significance. But we cannot think like that. Every Chinese city, every U.S. state, every coal power plant emission is small in the larger whole. We will not get anywhere if we just point at each other.”

During my time as New Zealand’s Environment Commissioner, I have often made recommendations about the need for a strong response on climate change. I will continue to do so.’

Jan Wright-Drilling for oil and gas in New Zealand: Environmental oversight and regulation -June 2014

James Shaw – what really matters

James Shaw.relaxed mirror

James Shaw, our Wellington Central Candidate for the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand talks about the things that led him to into the world of politics. He also reveals the issue that is really important to him and therefore really important to all of us.

Generation Zero – rattling the cage on climate change

Generation Zero

Generation Zero are doing a seriously good job of getting climate change higher on the political agenda. I had a chat with Paul Young, Generation Zero’s spokesperson, at one of their political stunts outside Parliament, about other countries that DO have a climate change plan and an opportunity that NZ cannot afford to miss.