Anj Barton, Kim Partridge – raising the bar for Shakti

Ange Barton

And I have only recently heard of the Shakti Wellington ” Strength for a better tomorrow” Women’s Support Group who are having a big fundraiser at Meow this Saturday. Organizers Kim Partridge and Anj Barton tell us what Shakti Wellington do AND there is a LIVE sneak performance from artists playing at the fundraiser, a stunning new song from Zoe Moon and Anj Barton’s and Tin Gau’s band Ready Sett. Yahoo…..


Justine Fletcher – mapping the 1260 who fought to vote

1260 for press release (1)

It is rather poignant that when around a quarter of our country didn’t vote, artist Justine Fletcher has created an exhibition representing the 1260 Wellington women who FOUGHT to vote.

In this interview Justine talks about her jewellery installation 1260 – Sign for Change which kicks off at the Toi Poneke Arts Centre from this Thursday 25 September – 18 October), that will pay tribute to 23,991 signatories of the landmark Third Suffrage Petition of 1893.
She also talks about her life as a busier mum than most, with two of her three children with disabilities and what becomes important to you then.

Jean Watson – star of the star people

Jean Aunty and the Star people. unblurred

No one would know this 80 year old Berhampore resident, Jean Watson would have such an unusual life creating a children’s orphanage in India called the Karunai Illam. And after 30 years of doing this, Jean is now the star in the film Aunty and the Star People telling her own story, which featured in the NZ International Film Festival and has just been released in theaters around New Zealand.

In this interview I had the amazing opportunity to talk to Jean for B-Side Stories and get some simple yet real insights on her life that could be meaningful to us all.

Teuila Grace Tualaulelei – enrolment queen

Mrs T Newtown Market-

Not only is she the beautiful lady who brings us lovely flowers at the Newtown market, Teuila Grace Tualaulelei, aka Mrs T, is a Field Officer for the Enrollment Office…sound too official? She has been on the front line getting people to enrol to vote for months. In this interview Teuila talks about what it really looks like out there in terms of where our gaps are….I am sure she has a good snap shot on the state of the nation too. And she has an important message for anyone who thinks it is too late to enrol.

Andrew Armitage – Culture Vulture


Another fine Wellington independent institution, Aro Video has reached a massive milestone in business, 25 years. In this interview founder and owner Andrew Armitage reminisces about what we were watching 25 years ago, what his good moments are in his iconic store and talks frankly about the effect’s of the digital tide. Porcelain Toy- Monsters Film by Andrew Armitage.

Robin Hammond – an eye for injustice


Wilton boy, Robin Hammond’s commitment to human rights photography has lead him to win many coveted awards for his work.

In this interview we talk to Robin about how he ended up in African prisons to show us what is happening when the support system for people with mental disability fails post war. He also talks about his photo shoot ” the Dark side of Denim” which showed the environmental effects that denim production had on a small African village. And what he saw in Tuvalu as the people on this beautiful island start to drown under the effects of climate change.

Robin was here to be inducted into the Massey Creative Hall of Fame, as well as to accompany the World Press exhibition featuring his award winning photographs from the “Condemned” series and to see his Mum and Dad.

The World Press exhibition is on at the NZ Portrait Gallery, Shed 11 until September 21st.


Jason Muir – the political cut

Jason Muir Political Cuts

I heard they teach you not to talk politics to anyone in the hairdressing seat ? So why is one of Welly’s most experienced hairdressers creating a hair salon that is doing just that? In this interview we talk to Jason Muir about his new pop-up venture Political Cuts, and why he is not afraid to take his craft to the street.