Toby Chappell – the skate for hope

Tony Chappell IMG_5391Toby Chappell, is the founder of the charity Skate For Hope. After skateboarding saved him from suicide, he believes that skateboarding can also save the lives of others. So while skateboarding from Cape Reinga to Bluff from November 2015 to January 2016 he will be visiting schools, churches, skate parks and youth centers to tell his story and encourage others to stand their ground and take action against mental health issues. He is an incredible young man, who is having amazing things happen to him after deciding to put as much effort into living instead of into dying.

For more on the give a little campiagn

For more on the gig this saturday

Jennifer Whitty – the space between

Space Between Image


The first time I heard that Massey lecturers Jenn Whitty and Holly McQuillan were creating a fashion range made of up-cycled New Zealand Post corporate uniform waste, I thought they had they had a huge job in front of them, but it seems they are up to so much more than that.
In this interview lecturer and designer Jenn Whitty talks about the label and concept for Space Between. ” We don’t have a waste problem, we have a design problem.”

Although Space Between are not showing, NZ Eco Fashion Week is kicking off it’s third year this week, so demand is certainly rising for less harmful but just as stylish fashion options.

For more fashion that considers it’s environmental impact

Antony Maddock – the TPP free rockabilly

Antony Maddock - black and white

My old school friend, Antony Maddock talks about his love of rockabilly, his two bands Wayne Mason and The X Ray Catz and the Tony Mad Trio that will be performing at CubaDupa this weekend, and his awesome work in the TPP Action group to help us and our councils be TPPA free.

The TPPA action group

Video of our WCC adopting the 12 point resolution , starts at 3.11

The Lower Hutt City council adopted the 12 point resolution on 24/3/2015

 A petition you can sign

Flip Grater, Mel Parsons and Estere – NZ Women at Womad

NZ Women at WOMAD

In this interview we speak to the three outstanding NZ female artists performing at the up and coming WOMAD New ZealandFlip GraterMEL PARSONS, and Wellington’s own Estère. They chat about what’s happening in their unique journey’s, who has inspired them musically, and when they are in their happiest place.

And Womad is a first for all three.

Aaron Packard – the 350 man

Aaron Packard

Aaron Packard is one of those guys that gives you faith that the world will be an ok  in the future. With Global Divestment Day about to hit this Sat Feb 14th, Aaron gives us an understanding of what it’s all about and also talks about his work at as Oceania’s Region Coordinator which oversees all of 350’s operations across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. And he also founded 350 Aotearoa right here in his home town of Wellington. Wow.


For more on Aarons work with checkout

Emily Dowding Smith – arctic snorkeler


Meet Emily Dowding-Smith an ex Welly girl, (well Taranaki really) environment lawyer and scientist who has just returned from a test run, snorkeling the Arctic as part of a team of 10 women selected to raise awareness about disappearing sea ice and altered eco systems. And she was the only kiwi. Wow! In this interview Emily shares her reasons why this trip was important to her and her perception on what she saw on this once in a lifetime experience.

For more on this and Emily’s other adventures read her blog

Anj Barton, Kim Partridge – raising the bar for Shakti

Ange Barton

And I have only recently heard of the Shakti Wellington ” Strength for a better tomorrow” Women’s Support Group who are having a big fundraiser at Meow this Saturday. Organizers Kim Partridge and Anj Barton tell us what Shakti Wellington do AND there is a LIVE sneak performance from artists playing at the fundraiser, a stunning new song from Zoe Moon and Anj Barton’s and Tin Gau’s band Ready Sett. Yahoo…..

Robin Hammond – an eye for injustice


Wilton boy, Robin Hammond’s commitment to human rights photography has lead him to win many coveted awards for his work.

In this interview we talk to Robin about how he ended up in African prisons to show us what is happening when the support system for people with mental disability fails post war. He also talks about his photo shoot ” the Dark side of Denim” which showed the environmental effects that denim production had on a small African village. And what he saw in Tuvalu as the people on this beautiful island start to drown under the effects of climate change.

Robin was here to be inducted into the Massey Creative Hall of Fame, as well as to accompany the World Press exhibition featuring his award winning photographs from the “Condemned” series and to see his Mum and Dad.

The World Press exhibition is on at the NZ Portrait Gallery, Shed 11 until September 21st.


Marianne Elliot – Living under Fire

Marianna Elliot 2

Not only is Marianne Elliott the smiling face that greets you upon entry to Welly’s most fun restaurant LaBocaLoca, she is the author of Zen Under Fire a book of memoirs about her time as a human rights lawyer in war torn Afghanistan, a Yoga Guide, and she is about take on a new role as change maker with ActionStation.

Part 1 – Before she hits the ground with this next project, I wanted to ask her about her life and death experiences in Afghanistan, how she got through this time and why she came back to Wellington.


Part 2 – Marianne Elliott chats about the effects of the organic tequila at her restaurant LaBocaLoca, her new role at ActionStation and some wonderful insights into what she thinks is important right now, especially for women in our community.

Sea Shepherd – whale defenders

sea shepard

The Sea Shepherd Global protest ship, The MV Bob Barker (official) is finally docked in Wellington after spending nearly 100 days down in our southern oceans protecting whales from Japanese harpoon ships.

I had the amazing opportunity to talk to the captain Peter Hammarstedt about why he has committed to protecting whales for over 10 years (that’s the Captain Peter on the right – he’s only 28). Michael Lawry, on the left, is the Sea Shepherd New Zealand coordinator. He talks about how he became involved and why it is so important for us New Zealander’s to also be.

We also hear what the ships youngest crew member Alex, wishes everyone could see in the Antarctic.