Kay Baxter – seeds, our critical link


Every now and again you meet someone who makes you want to change your life, this happened to me while interviewing Kay Baxter of the Koanga Institute. It seems Kay was destined to become our national seed saver and spread a not new philosophy that skipped a generation which makes so much sense for our health now and for our future generations.

If you have any inkling of being a gardener, or constant health issues or just interested in the bigger picture do not miss an opportunity to hear her speak.


James Shaw – what really matters

James Shaw.relaxed mirror

James Shaw, our Wellington Central Candidate for the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand talks about the things that led him to into the world of politics. He also reveals the issue that is really important to him and therefore really important to all of us.

Sam Manzanza – African beats in Wellington

Sam Manzanza 2

The way Sam Manzanza has constantly contributed good energy through his music has been a real gift to Wellington. He is now also the chairman of the African Community Council bringing our growing African residents together with one voice.

It was a great treat for me to be able to talk to Sam about his life before and here in New Zealand and how we can all celebrate the 51st Africa Day.

Arlo Edwards – doing what he loves

Arlo Edwards

A chat with one of my favourite Wellington artists and curators Arlo Edwards about WUFF, the Wellington Underground Film Festival, and the interesting space that only being able to do what he really loves has taken him too.

D.J. Koa – Wellington’s musical formula


DJ Koa from RHOMBUS in Dub talks about a special Wellington event with other Wellington legends Bongmaster and Trinity Roots. Koa also talks about what makes the Wellington music scene so unique.

Frocks on Bikes – wheel stylish


What happens when you dress beautiful ‘real girls’ in gorgeous local frocks and put them on fun urban bikes from Bicycle Junction at the Sustainability Trust on a beautiful night in Wellington?

The Wheel Stylish fashion show of course. You can almost feel like you were there in this interview with the designers, models and members of Frocks on Bikes.

Mike and Hannah Stewart – volunteering and wife capturing

Mika & Hannah Stewart

Is volunteering with VSA (Volunteer Service Abroad) on your bucket list?  Me too, so when I met Mike Stewart, deputy principal at my daughter’s school SWIS, who had just returned with his wife Hannah after two and a half years in PNG, I thought we should have a chat with them about the big things they got from their experience,and how they coped with local tradition’s like wife capturing.