Sarah and Jody from CoLiberate

Sarah Tuck and Jody Burrell joined Laura and Martin in the studio to talk about founding the CoLiberate wellness center, now based in the Urban Dream Brokerage. They share some simple exercises to bring mindfulness back into your day.

If you want to visit CoLiberate and prioritise your own wellbeing, check them out here:

Hunting for our Oceania Humpback whales

B-Sides host Laura Beth Keown created this story about discovering the path of Oceania Humpback whales by tagging them in the Kermadec Islands. You’ll hear about the amazing effort of an international research team, and the incredible things they saw in the farthest reaches of New Zealand’s waters!

Photo credit to Olive Andrews of Conservation International.

To learn more, see these articles and interviews mentioned in the episode:…-humpback-whales

Shannan King from Park Up For Homes

Laura and Martin are joined by Sahnnan King to talk about the Park Up For Homes movement. Shannan talks about her passion for the issue of housing deprivation, her personal experiences, and some of the stories she’s heard.

Henry Fisher – Tour Aotearoa

12967944_1744741225807525_6977859668027777001_oTour Aotearoa is a biennial cycle tour (brevet) from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Henry Fisher completed the 3000km journey in 26 days earlier this year, last week he joined us to talk about the preparation needed to undertake such a strenuous ride and the physical and emotional roller coaster of cycling over 100km a day for a month.

Make Foundation – stories from Syria through art

Make foundation 2

As the war in Syria stretches on, Michelle Carlile-Alkhouri and Michel Alkhouri have formed the Make Foundation, a charity that helps Wellington kids to learn and share the stories of Syrian people through music and art. The money they raise from this artwork will bring similar music and art projects to Syrian children who have been displaced by war.

You’ll hear music that was inspired by the Syrian conflict, and created by children (including Naia and Luka who join us in the studio).

Make Foundation encourages anyone who feels inspired to help to get in touch through their website:

Finn and Molly meat-up for Not Your Mum’s Tupperware Party

Finn and Molly 1

Finn Roy and Molly Sokhom joined B-Sides to sing the praises of the NZ International Comedy Festival. They have their own show in the festival called, “Not Your Mum’s Tupperware Party” from 10-14 May 2016 at Ivy Bar.

It’s the only show in the festival where you have the chance to win a meat pack (or chickpeas)! And they’ve got ‘some very good jokes planned out’ too.

The NZ International Comedy Festival has been key to the growth of the Wellington comedy scene. Check it out here:

What a way to make a living: poetry with Sara Hirsch and Ben Fagan

Ben and Sara

Ben is a Wellington native, and Sara is big-city UK Slam Champ. They are making a living by making their way all over New Zealand in a spoken word poetry tour!

They joined B-Side Stories to talk about spreading spoken word, international bridge building, and changing the world with poetry. They also shared some original poems that will make you laugh, and make you think.

To learn more, visit: and

For more performance poetry in Wellington: