How to subscribe to B-Side Stories

Henry and Laura talk the easiest way to listen to B-Side Stories: subscribe in your favourite podcast app! Choose a free one. Laura recommends ‘podcast addict’ for android users.

Chris from Wellington Timebank

Katharine and Laura chat with Chris from Wellington Timebank about what time bank is, some new treats on-offer, and some of the more fun and unusual trades that he’s seen!

South Coast artist Stavros Kyriakides & documentary filmmakers Antony Kitchener & Simin Littschwager


Stavros Kyriakides has lived in Island Bay since 1973, and since 2013 has been creating sculptures along the shoreline from the natural materials he finds there. We talked to Stavros about his inspiration, keeping fit, and the reactions of locals to his art. Stavros is soon to be the subject of a documentary film, and we also met with Antony Kitchener and Simin Littschwager who are in the process of editing this to submit to the Doc Edge film festival.

Cally O’Neill on the Our Town Newtown project


Cally O’Neill is a Wellington woman who spends her time supporting communities in Co-Design; and more recently focusing on the Newtown community to help them come up with ideas on how the council should spend 3 million dollars on facilities improvements with the Our Town Newtown project. Hear what this community wants to happen most!

Brittany Cosgrove from NOPESISTERS clothing

Nopesisters clothing is a Wellington brand started by local sisters Brittany and Johanna Cosgrove, and their mum Bette! Brittany joins to tell us all about their MastectoTees and NOPEtees and the causes you can support by buying them, as well as a new shirt just around the corner…

You can check out the shirts on their facebook page and buy them using their very easy order forms!

The Freshwater Rescue Plan

This year, scientists, public health advocates, and environmental organisations, launched the Freshwater Rescue Plan. The Plan is seven steps the Government can take to address the pollution of rivers and lakes, and the contamination of fresh water. Listen to Laura’s conversation with:
Annabeth Cohen from Forest & Bird
Don Rood from Fish & Game
Keriata Stuart from Public Health Association
And Jane Ruka from Waitaha Grandmothers Executive Council

They explain the seven steps of the plan and their vision for the future of New Zealand’s fresh water.

For more info, visit

Sam Seiniger from NZ Pop-Up Sauna


Sam Seiniger has come up with a creative solution to keeping warm during the Wellington winter, converting a shipping container into a sauna, built with recycled material, right on the Wellington waterfront with views of the harbour. Sam from NZ Pop-Up Sauna talks with Katharine about sauna traditions, ‘sweat bathing’, and whether people really do jump in the Wellington harbour after a sauna session.

Election 2017 – who should I vote for?

The election is four weeks away! The political scene has been crazy – new parties, new leaders, parties disappearing… you might be a bit confused about how to cast your vote.

In this episode, Sapeer and Laura chat to Chris McIntyre, who helped to create an online tool called ‘Policy’ (hosted by The Spinoff), which collects all of the party policies on one place for people to review and inform their voting decision.

Find Policy here: 

And explore other helpful voting tools here:; and

Enjoy Public Art Gallery

Enjoy Public Art Gallery on Cuba Street is having its third annual book fair to celebrate the words to go with the art!

Louise Rutledge joined us on Tuesday to talk about the book fair, the art world, and the role of contemporary galleries in Wellington.

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