Spencer Clubb – Fundraising photos for Nepal


Mike O’Connor talks to the talented photographer Spencer Clubb about his photo exhibition currently running at the Department of Conservation offices in Wellington. Proceeds from the exhibition will be directed to the Red Cross relief efforts in Nepal.

Find out about the exhibition here:



Michael Norris- stroma

Michael Norris Stroma

Nick Hyder speaks to Michael Norris, co-founder of the chamber ensemble, Stroma, about their upcoming concert at the Wellington City Gallery.

Find out more about the show here http://www.stroma.co.nz/upcomingconcerts/details/67-interiors.html

Conor Boyle And Fredd Marshall – growing Aotearoa

Mike O’Connor speaks to Conor Boyle and Fredd Marshall who are planting a mixed species food forest / public orchard in Karori on Saturday.

They have around 40 assorted trees to create an oasis of local food production for the community, and raised $842 (from a target of $500) on PledgeMe to help make it happen.
We find out what it is about locally grown food that gets these keen volunteers enthused

Lisa Thomlins and Sarah Hunter – the munki mash

Lisa Thomlins - credit Sarah HunterHow could I not have heard of Munki Studios which has recorded so many of my favourite bands right here in central Wellington? Trinity Roots, Hollie Smith, Grayson Gilmore, Fur Patrol, Shihad and many many more have all been recorded in this old spy vault.

But now after 25 years, this building is another to be demolished, and the legendary Munki studios needs to move on. But before they do, there is going to be one hell of a last recording bash there, this weekend, with so many of our best bands all jumping in to honour the music studio that helped make them. And this momentous occasion will be streamed live worldwide, so wherever you are you can join the bands for the final recording at Munki and even help out on the boosted campaign.
Welly’s own “20 feet from Stardom” star Ms Lisa Tomlins and one of Welly’s  music scene backbones, Sarah Hunter, talk about why this weekends live stream is so significant.


Munki Mash Live Stream, tune in 22nd August 2015 transmitworld.tv
#munkimash #transmitworld #shh


Lisa Thomlins photo credit – Sarah Hunter

Serahn Kahukura – Te Reo immersion teacher


New B-Sides Stories host Martin Andrews sits down for a chat with Maori language immersion teacher Serahn Kahukura to discuss the state of te reo today, whether te wiki o te reo maori is positive or negative, and why learning the maori language is positive for all New Zealanders regardless of ethnicity.


Tom Lynskey – cyclocross

CyclocrossOn Sunday the 9 August, Wellington will host the last event in the annual Huttcross cyclocross league. A labour of love in the truest sense of the word, bringing an unheralded Belgian sport to our distant shores was always a bold decision – but thanks to the support of Tom Lynskey and a bunch of keen Wellington cyclists, the sport is going from strength to mud-soaked strength.

Hannah Milward – the beats for nepal

Hannah Milward Screenshot_2015-07-27-09-10-10-1 Independent Welly nurse, Hannah Milward, is the reason for the Beats for Nepal fundraiser happening on the 28th of August at Meow. Unlike other fundraisers for Nepal, this one is to actually help Hannah to go and volunteer her skills in the medical and dental camps there at the end of this year. Hannah has a passion for humanitarian work and has already volunteered her skills in Cambodia for three months. But does she really know what she is in for in Nepal?

Ready Sett, one of the Welly bands playing at the fundraiser play live opening and closing track.