Nic Lane – vivid new voice

Nic Lane 2 (2)

Nic Lane is on a mission to tackle the lack of empowerment within marginalised groups. And he is busy. So far he is part of the team who formed Everybody Cool Lives Here in collaboration with Active, a service for youth with an intellectual impairment ( and yes they won 6 awards in last years New Zealand Fringe Festival for Wake Up Tomorrow). This year his summer was spent on Live the Dream, a 9 week youth accelerator program) and he has walked out with Vivid Wgtn a street art platform aimed to empower local street artists to advance their arts practice in legal ways. Vivid launched at 2016 New Zealand Fringe Festival and won the most colourful award.

Lauren Tennent – peoples in prison



Lauren Tennent goes to work at Peoples Coffee and she also goes regularly to prison, as it is part of her job to teach women inmates at Arohata how to make good coffee. In this interview  find out why this young lady loves this part of her job and the reason  why Peoples Coffee want to be aligned with a prison.

Bella & Abby from Saving 2050

Belle & Abby Saving 2050

This week on B-Side Stories we were joined by Abby and Bella from Saving 2050, the wonderful Wellington organisation promoting environmental, animal and human friendly recipes to help New Zealand achieve it’s target of halving our greenhouse emissions by 2050. Join us for the tastiest revolution you’ve ever known!

Mel Beirne, Tim Packer, Linnea Lindstroem – can gardening save the world?


We are always told that planting a food garden could save us money, But now I am hearing that gardening could save our world? Really?

So in this interview we talk to three of Welly’s most well known gardeners,Linnea Lindstroem of Edible Oasis and workerBe oasis, Mel Beirne from Brooklyn Orchard and Garden trainer for Garden to Table, and Tim Packer of the Innermost Gardens who discuss how gardening just might do that.

Benjamin Johnson from The Free Store


We recently welcomed Benjamin Johnson into the studio from The Free Store, Wellington.

I have to say that weekly we (as B-Side Stories hosts) are regularly inspired by our guests, but both Mike and I left the studio on Tuesday evening absolutely buzzing from talking to Benjamin. I have since excitedly told everybody I’ve come into contact with today – all about The Free Store and how it works, and how easy it is to volunteer. What was most compelling was Benjamin’s statements on community ownership of the project and his view of how these small acts of generosity, be it time, money, surpluss food, or skills – they all help create better communities, which in turn create a better New Zealand. If you’re not hooked on listening to the interview already, checkout what Benjamin had to say below.

“It was a small act of generosity, but if every single day, people acted in those sorts of ways, imagine the communities we would be a part of; they’d be so beautiful. What I love about The Free Store – it’s a small, little thing, but I guess it’s a picture of what we hope to see on a bigger scale throughout our communities in New Zealand where people respect each other, care for each other, and are generous with each other, and hopefully – the world will be better because of it.”

Checkout the interview here:

And for more info on The Free Store, checkout:

Nina and Alex discuss Wellington People’s Climate March

12182607_953113708087628_7005723098928286675_oLast week Mike invited Nina from Generation Zero and Alex from WWF in to B-Side Stories to tell us why they’re joining forces in the build up to the People’s Climate March on Saturday 28th November.
Listen to the interview below:

The Kava Club – “Chop Suey Hui”

KavaB-Side Stories host Martin Andrews attends the monthly Kava Club meeting “Chop Suey Hui”. The Kava Club is a community of Pasifika & Maori creatives collaborating, connecting, supporting and networking from 17 Tory St. Each month they meet to eat and drink together with guest speakers discussing a pre organised topic. This months topic was “shhh… it’s a secret” with speakers discussing the celtic origins of Halloween, the Mexican Day of the Dead and the secrets of the Freemasons among other things.

Kava Club Facebook Page

Daimon Schwalger & James Harris – the beats of Zeal

The NomadAlthough he is known as The Nomad, one of NZ’s favourite music makers Daimon Shwalger, could certainly call Wellington his base after spending alot of time producing music, albums, and a hell of alot of gigs from this fair city. But recently Daimon has also been sharing his 20 years of beat making experience with the kids from ZealIn this interview Daimon and Zeal boss, James Harris talk about the effect and the results that this is having on the kids.

Zeal Crew





Kate Wilson & Geoff Simmons- the F word

the F Word liveGeoff Simmons, is an economist working for the Morgan Foundation and he is also a big hitter in our conservation world for his involvement in the infamous Cats to Go campaign and Enhancing the Halo. So what is he doing acting in a comedy about to show at BATS Theatre called the The F Word Wellington– that delves into modern feminism in New Zealand?

In this interview Geoff along with improviser and drama teacher Kate Wilson talk about  the F-word and why feminism still remains high on the list of difficult stuff we need to address.



Paul Stanley Ward – Polhill Protectors


Ali spoke to Paul Stanley Ward from Polhill Protectors who are thriving on the momentum of an amazing success story. Locals who use Polhill reserve for all sorts of different recreational activities – among them are runners, ramblers, mountainbikers, and twitchers – have united with local business owners and other institutions to help the ever increasing birdlife that is spilling over the Zealandia fence. Last year saw the first saddleback nesting outside of a sanctuary in over 100 years. Paul tells us about the group’s humble beginnings and what makes Polhill so special to so many people, as well as discussing where the group will go to from here…. there’s some exciting things in the pipeline!

You can hear the interview below.

If you’re interested in finding out more please checkout their facebook page: