Helen Brasting – Film For Change


This week on B-Side Stories host Martin Andrews is joined by Helen Brasting, founder and driving force behind Film For Change Aotearoa. Film For Change works collaboratively to make and distribute short films for charities that may not otherwise have the financial means for digital advertising or marketing. Helen discusses her personal journey from budding film maker to recently celebrating the first birthday of her community based organisation Film For Change Aotearoa.
If you’d like to listen to Helen’s song choice, check out Wellington band Towers

Myele Manzanza, Alex Lee, and Dan Shanan- Festival Fantastic

Myele Manzanza

With over 100 gigs scheduled for the Wellington Jazz festival, Jen Riches gets to interview one of Welly’s most progressive musicians Myele Manzanza about how he came to be part of the ROSS MCHENRY FUTURE ENSEMBLE and the very wide world of jazz.

Plus the Documentary Edge Film Festival directors, Alex Lee and Dan Shanan talk to Jen about the potential Wellington has to become the Hub for all film festivals?





Thomas Robins and David Stubbs – the road trip

Thomas and David Winning Emmy


Wouldn’t getting your viewers to text in your script and crowd sourcing your actors seem like a logistical nightmare? Not for these Emmy award winning directors Thomas Robins and David Stubbs.  In this interview they talk about their interactive TV show Reservoir Hill ( filmed right here in Welly and now Sweden has adapted it for their viewers as well) and the recently launched Road Trip, that crowd sourced the kiwi characters that were encountered along the way.


Nathalie Boltt – the Vajazzler
















In this chat with illustrious Wellington actress Nathalie Boltt we find out why this nice girl who is normally known for her roles in big blockbusters like District 9 and Doomsday, would want to write, crowdfund, direct AND play lead actress in a film about revenge and blinging up her vajayjay in Vajazzle – A Short Film.

If you havn’t seen the teasers yet check out http://www.rodrigofilms.com/

To watch Vajazzle, which is being launched this Valentines Day, check out http://www.rodrigofilms.com/ and don’t be afraid to share share share.

Jean Watson – star of the star people

Jean Aunty and the Star people. unblurred

No one would know this 80 year old Berhampore resident, Jean Watson would have such an unusual life creating a children’s orphanage in India called the Karunai Illam. And after 30 years of doing this, Jean is now the star in the film Aunty and the Star People telling her own story, which featured in the NZ International Film Festival and has just been released in theaters around New Zealand.

In this interview I had the amazing opportunity to talk to Jean for B-Side Stories and get some simple yet real insights on her life that could be meaningful to us all. 





Andrew Armitage – Culture Vulture


Another fine Wellington independent institution, Aro Video has reached a massive milestone in business, 25 years. In this interview founder and owner Andrew Armitage reminisces about what we were watching 25 years ago, what his good moments are in his iconic store and talks frankly about the effect’s of the digital tide.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF9DvHADhos Porcelain Toy- Monsters Film by Andrew Armitage.

Pat Robins – great films from a great grandmother


Pat Robins has been a constant female presence in the NZ film industry since the 1970’s. She was also part of the pioneering travelling show Blerta who created their own unique style of entertainment at a time when when New Zealand was merely following what was going on overseas. Blerta consequently spawned a crux of New Zealand’s best creatives of which quite a few are Pat’s family.  Now as a great grandmother she is still driven to direct another of her own films, called Food For Thought. Wow.

In this interview I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to Pat live on B-Side Stories, about her interesting life, and why she is getting such incredible support from family, friends and some top actresses.

For those of you who are interested here is some more information for the Boosted Crowd funder campaign for Food For Thought – a short film


Here is a link to the Blerta song at the end of the interview with all time NZ great vocalist Beaver. http://grooveshark.com/#!/search/song?q=Blerta%20Hit%20Us%20With%20The%20Truth