Pat Robins – great films from a great grandmother


Pat Robins has been a constant female presence in the NZ film industry since the 1970’s. She was also part of the pioneering travelling show Blerta who created their own unique style of entertainment at a time when when New Zealand was merely following what was going on overseas. Blerta consequently spawned a crux of New Zealand’s best creatives of which quite a few are Pat’s family.  Now as a great grandmother she is still driven to direct another of her own films, called Food For Thought. Wow.

In this interview I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to Pat live on B-Side Stories, about her interesting life, and why she is getting such incredible support from family, friends and some top actresses.

For those of you who are interested here is some more information for the Boosted Crowd funder campaign for Food For Thought – a short film

Here is a link to the Blerta song at the end of the interview with all time NZ great vocalist Beaver.!/search/song?q=Blerta%20Hit%20Us%20With%20The%20Truth

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