Emma Giesen – creative capital champion

Emma Giesen

Emma Giesen, hasn’t seen much of the daylight saving hours as she spends most of her summer championing our cities creative culture. She is one of the backbones behind Wellington’s most coveted  festivals, the New Zealand Fringe Festival and CubaDupa, which run back to back.

In this interview she talks about why she works so hard to keep Welly at the top of our creative game and the exciting addition of up cycling art zones, Junk Monsters, bike powered dance acts, Bicycle Valet parking, which is all just the tip of the ice burg of all the fun stuff about to happen at Cuba Dupa next weekend.


Eco friendly  http://cubadupa.co.nz/category/eco-friendly/

To use the Valet Bike Parking http://cubadupa.co.nz/?s=LEISURE

To Volunteer https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hsEpBopaOx5yWYQQnm908uwgh2hH3PxdpnSxn0poNTw/viewform

Jon Coddington – “Puppet Fiction”

PuppetsThis week on B-Side stories, host Martin Andrews chats with Jon Coddington, marionette maestro and barista extraordinaire. Jon’s Pulp Fiction marionette show, “Puppet Fiction” recently returned from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it was the No.1 rated free day show of the festival. Jon discusses the origins of his marionette work, what it was like in Edinburgh and closes the show with his best Christopher Walken impression!