Cenna Lloyd – welly’s bee buzz


Does it feel like every second person you know is now keeping a hive?  Cenna Lloyd is beekeeper for her own business Local Flavour Honey and also helps everyone else to keep their bees too. So why is Wellington becoming a mecca for bees, and why would urban honey be better?


Mel Beirne, Tim Packer, Linnea Lindstroem – can gardening save the world?


We are always told that planting a food garden could save us money, But now I am hearing that gardening could save our world? Really?

So in this interview we talk to three of Welly’s most well known gardeners,Linnea Lindstroem of Edible Oasis and workerBe oasis, Mel Beirne from Brooklyn Orchard and Garden trainer for Garden to Table, and Tim Packer of the Innermost Gardens who discuss how gardening just might do that.






Marie & Nic-Good Bitches Baking

Good Bitches Baking

B-Side Stories host Martin Andrews is joined by Marie & Nic, the founders of Good Bitches Baking. GBB recently celebrated their one year anniversary providing home baking to the less fortunate living in Wellington, having recruited over 500 keen bakers and spread to eight cities around New Zealand. Marie & Nic discuss the birth and growth of their charitable trust and their desire “to make the world a little bit less shitty”.


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Melissa Keys – the conscious consumer

Melissa Keys

Local organisation Conscious Consumers were recently described by the Herald as a “phenomenon,” as since only 2010 they have been helping to shape a better world in the NZ hospo industry by accrediting the good stuff that 300 cafes and restaurants do, and communicating that to 40 000 Conscious Consumers, who have signed up to support those businesses.

Melissa Keys is one of the backbones of the Conscious crew, and in this interview she talks about why she cares about the work she does and why she wants us to be part of their next revolutionary idea, the ‪#‎GoodSpendCounter‬‪#‎CountMeIn‬!

The Good Spend Counter will mean that more free range produce, fair-trade coffee and more local suppliers will be supported by our cafes. That can only be a good thing for our animals and our local economy and our environment, so yes please #‎CountMeIn.

For more info www.countmein.nz,  only one week to go.



Donna Redmond and Casey James – on the front line for youth

IMG_0197Wellington’s amazing food rescuer’s Kaibosh are holding their very important annual fundraiser ‪#‎MakeaMealInMay‬. So to enthuse us to start cooking up a storm, in this interview we talk to one of the 26 community groups that regularly receives surplus food from Kaibosh; the BGI (Wellington Boys’ and Girls’ Institute).

Donna Redmond and Casey James of the BGI talk to us about the work they do for our youth, how the Kaibosh food gets used and the reality of being on the front line for families.

For more info on how to get involved with fundraising  for Kaibosh http://www.kaibosh.org.nz/make-a-meal-in-may/

Another small fact about the Boys and Girls Institute, they have 137 volunteers, who put in 14,144 hours- which is nearly 7 years of 40 hour weeks.

The Sew Good Cooperative Mums – a common unity

SewGood_CUP_20141128_6040These are the Mum’s from The The Common Unity Project Aotearoa Sew Good Cooperative at Epuni School in Lower Hutt. Of all the stories B-Side Stories has done, this one is possibly the most powerful, Why? Because their story is a community led response to the economic and social pressures facing a huge percentage of our country. These women are doing it for themselves.

After founder Julia Milne has taken a few awards this year as the Overall Winner at the Wellington Airport Community Awards and the Sustainable Champion at the NZI Sustainable Business Awards for her work and vision on the project, we thought we’d go and have a chat with the Mums to see what the best things about the year were for them…..and it wasn’t what we thought.

If you think these women were doing an awesome thing please vote here as they are in the running for a grant that will really help their Koha Kitchen come to life.Closes Dec 11 so please do it today. It takes two clicks.



Thanks to Virginia Woods-Jack ….Photographer


Rose Mensah – fair trade inspiration

Rose Mensah

Rose Mensah, a cocoa bean farmer from Ghana came to Wellington to kick off Fair Trade Fortnight and share her story about how being in a fair trade co-op benefit’s her community.
Hearing her story lead me to ask Wellington fair trade stalwarts, Christian from Trade Aid , Matt and Kate from All Good Bananas and Rochelle from Wellington Chocolate Factory about the effects on their suppliers and their products from committing their businesses to being fair trade.
I also chat to Pravin Sawmy of Fairtrade New Zealand about NZ’s astounding growth in Fair trade products is in just 9 years.

Ania Upstill – the urban kai cycle

Ania Upstill 2

Ania Upstill, one of the instigators of the Local Food Network, spent her summer with a new wave of social entrepreneurs, at the Inspiring Stories hub, developing a plan to get Wellington eating locally grown food with the Urban Kai Cycle.

Freda Wells – The Kiwi Diary


The delightful Freda Wells of the The Kiwi Diary, tells us about the 2014 calender, what made her produce this cluster of Kiwi culture and how she handles rustling so many great local artists.

Barika – bringing Africa to Wellington


Barika, owner of Afrika restaurant came in to tell us about the vigil they were holding for Nelson Mandela. I was also keen to know what the best thing on the menu was, and why everyone in Wellington is hanging out at Afrika these days.