WWF – a new innovation for conservation

Gian and the Drone

To celebrate Conservation Week, WWF New Zealand kicked off their first ever Conservation Innovation Awards in Welly.  According to WWF crew member, Lee Barry, imported pests are still one of the biggest challenge’s we face and we’re not winning. Which is why innovative ideas that ramped up the mission on pest control were highly favoured. Like Gian Badrauns Trap Minder, ( pictured) a GPS drone system that will fly into a predator area, alerted by heat sensors with poisonous bait.  And Hiedy Kikkilus’s Cat tracker that aims to turn cat owners into researchers, with a GPS tracking system that will help us better understand where cats go, what they get up to and how owners can manage pet cats to reduce their impact on wildlife.

Another exciting winner was the community collective, Energise Otaki, which is tackling the impacts of climate change through a range of projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, supply clean energy to the townspeople and creates jobs. Best of all listen to Otaki College Principal, Andy Fraser on the effect the involvement with Energise Otaki is having on their kids.

Nice work WWF. And everybody get ready to enter next year.

For more info on the winners: http://www.wwf.org.nz/?12321/conservationawardwinners

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