Silvia Zuur – on learning and leading

Silvia Zuur 2.jpg crop 1

Silvia Zuur is one of those Wellington women we’re sure to be seeing a lot more of, as she already has quite a few nominations under her belt including being a finalist in the Women of Influence Awards 2013. As a board member of Enspiral, she is passionate about supporting other social entrepreneurs to get social enterprises off the ground. And this is all on top of being the founder and CEO of her own social enterprise, Chalkle, an online community platform that connects people that have things to teach with people who want to learn.

In this interview we find out what motivates this young woman in her relentless quest for learning new things, and her passion of wanting us to learn too. We also get a few tips on keeping chickens.

PS. listeners there is an awesome song by “the Clean” in the middle of this interview that you can fast forward if you are time poor, but if you are not, please take some time to enjoy.,-solidarity-economics


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