Phillipa O’Brien – the gifted girl from Kingston


Phillipa O’Brien, is a very busy lady right now with two photographic exhibitions about to go up in town. One kicks off this Friday the 27th of June at Photospace Gallery where Phillipa has developed her own intriguing style of pictorial-scripts called Photofables.

The other is a major lifetime experience, photographing the scene of Danny Lemon’s 8500 collectors item records burnt in the storage fire in Wellington earlier this year. In this interview Phillipa talks about how she saw art in this devastation and made an exhibition of it, which is on now on at Poquito Cafe and Bar Wellington.

Phillipa also reveals some interesting stories about Danny Lemon in the South Island high Country,  the positive thing she saw in the community through Danny’s sad loss and the simple reason why she wanted to help him out.

For more information on Danny Lemon’s story you can go here ( and please buy a poster).

And for more of Phillipa O’ Briens work
and the exhibition :—philippa-obrien.html

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