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arabic singular and plural list pdf

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The noun plural system in Modern Standard Arabic lies at a nexus of critical issues in morphological learnability. Our computational analysis of singular—plural pairs in the Corpus of Contemporary Arabic explores what types of linguistic information are statistically relevant to morphological generalisation for this highly complex system. We show that an analogical approach with the generalised context model is highly successful in predicting the plural form for any given singular form.

The first two are regular because their formation entail adding a suffix i. In this post, you will learn about broken plurals.

Arabic grammar

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Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Zoubir Dendane. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Its complex structure consists of a great number of rules due to the overall morphological patterning of the language and, in particular, its non-concatenative nature.

As a matter of fact, the Arabic broken plural, sometimes wrongly referred to as irregular, is regarded as representing a significant challenge to Natural Language Processing applications and translation theory.

Thus, questions arise as to a how to devise approaches to identify the various plural types; b how to develop algorithms to deal with nouns subjected to internal modification of the singular form.

In addition, it is not easy to consider the numerous patterns of pluralisation in relation to meaning, particularly in cases where the input is the same singular stem. While the morphological patterns of the sound plural observe a straightforward regularity, the broken plural is undeniably considered, both in morphological and phonological circles, as the most sophisticated system of nominal plurality.

Its complex structure consists of a great number of patterns due to the overall morphological patterning of the language, in particular for its non- concatenative nature described in terms of interspersing of consonantal roots and vocalic melody McCarthy, We will expose, in the first section, an overall view of the Arabic nominal plural system starting with the sound plural which generally responds to simple affixations, though some nouns are subjected to special rules.

Then, we put emphasis on the broken plural with its numerous patterns and their apparent versatility, albeit the system is substantially structured on the basis of formal but complex regularities. All throughout the paper, we will refer to Arabic encoding issues that NLP researchers and computational linguists are faced with in considering singular noun classification and corresponding plural form generation the encoding of which could be of great help to automatic treatment of Arabic and machine translation to and from Arabic.

However, the Arabic language is known in phonological and morphological circles as the most heavily inflected language because, in addition to the regular concatenating operations occurring at both ends of the word, it is charaterized by non-concatenative structures, based on a process termed root-and-pattern morphology, the inter-digitation of consonantal roots and vocalic patterns; this is particularly true with verb patterns but also in the sophisticated noun pluralisation system of this language.

Some authors e. Kiraz, have also attempted to analyse Arabic plurals on the basis of prosodic structure2. Current Trends in African Linguistics I. However, the matter is far from being as simple as this. The complexity of the Arabic plural system is reflected in the profusion of theoretical work on the topic cf. Beesley , Kiraz , McCarthy , etc But these irregularities in the sound plural formation are far from being as complex as the challenging patterns in the broken plural mode. Indeed, the morphological processes that govern the Arabic broken plural are different in nature as they process by internal stem changes, giving so intricate forms that only appropriate stemming algorithms can process their patterning.

Rather, a high percentage of often-used nouns have broken plural forms. Plural Paucity Multiplicity Ultimate pl. Such discrepancies and other irregularities add to the complexity of the broken plural and to the challenge that pluralisation in Arabic presents to NLP applications, retrieval information and machine translation, but has also been a source of theoretical stimulation for a great number of researchers.

Soudi et al. Thus, it appears that the loanword takes a plural form on the basis of its morpho-phonological structure. Although traditional Arabic grammarians already described the system in all detail and they did much to categorize the different types of plural, further research is required to fully understand the intricacies of the whole plural system, particularly in computational linguistics which in turn requires to be supported by theoretical progress in the organisation of Arabic as a concatenated and non-concatenated language.

Analysis of the Arabic Broken Plural and Diminutive Dihoff, Dordrecht: Foris, pp. Foot and word in Prosodic Morphology: The Arabic broken plural. Jamari, A. Related Papers. By T Dufty. Learnability and generalisation of Arabic broken plural nouns. By Lisa Dawdy-Hesterberg. By Karim Bensoukas. Comparative Morphology of Standard and Egyptian Arabic. By Hassan Gadalla. By Abdullah Al-Dobaian. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer.

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Nahw – Singular, Dual, and Plural Nouns in Arabic

DAP includes various grammatical attributes such as part-of-speech, collectivity codes, gender codes, and full vocalization. This database is now available for use in software development, machine translation, and Arabic language education. These morphologically irregular plurals are distinct in that they are not formed with regular plural suffixes. Instead, they are formed by modifying the vowels of the vowel-consonant pattern CV templates of the singular form. DAP covers over entries. DAP has been assembled by a team of specialists in Arabic grammar through meticulous attention and research over a period of many years.

Learnability and generalisation of Arabic broken plural nouns

This is depicted diagrammatically in the following chart click to enlarge , with further subdivisions for the plural noun. The dual can be constructed depending upon its grammatical state. Below, we analyze these rules for constructing the dual of a noun in Arabic.

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In Arabic, we indicate that there is only one of something by using the singular form of the noun. Similarly, we indicate that there is two of something by using the dual form. The chart below gives a simple example. Male Student.

Urdu Plural. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Single but also gives extensive definition in English language. Synonym Discussion of singular. Welcome to the fourth Urdu lesson about the plural.

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