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socio cultural impacts of tourism positive and negative pdf

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Impacts of tourism

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The country wants to utilize tourism as an economic development tool to reduce poverty and stimulate socio-economic wellbeing. Tourism has profound impact on the local community of the destination as it brings economic and socio-cultural changes. The significant positive economic impacts are increased employment and earning opportunities, enhanced standard of living, more investments, infrastructural development, and new business linkages and opportunities.

However some negative economic impacts been identified, like increased income disparity, increased land price and rent, price hike of essential goods and services, seasonality effects and leakage of earnings. A frustrating finding is that majority of the tourism assets and well-paid jobs are enjoyed by non-locals whereas the local community does not enjoy its rightful share due to uneven benefit distribution.

The positive socio-cultural impacts include women empowerment, more participation in education, limited outward migration, and enhanced social safety and security. Some negative socio-cultural impacts are displacement of poor from their land, increased social gap, frustration, social disorder and loss of cultural originality.

The local community is involved in tourism activities but has minimal involvement in the decision making process. This study reveals that the local community is totally excluded from the policy formulation process and policy makers do not consider the socio-economic impacts of tourism development on the local community.

Local community is benefiting from tourism development but significant scope exists to increase their active participation and equitable benefit sharing. Related items Showing items related by title, author, subject and abstract. How does a major festival such as 'The Big Chill' impact upon a small community? Using a triple bottom line analysis investigate the socio-cultural, environmental, and socio-economic impact the festival has on the community of Ledbury.

Socio-Cultural: The literature review, through the use of academic materials such as books and academic journals the author will establish the wide range of socio-cultural impacts which a major event such as a festival has Tourism development and poverty alleviation: rhetoric or reality?

Poverty is the scourge of many developing countries, including Kenya. Tourism inevitably takes people to new places while broadening their perception and knowledge of different cultures and environments.

This informative process is an important function of the tourism industry. This study

Social impacts of tourism

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The tourism industry has been touted to have huge significant impact on the social and economic growth of local people across the world. This study is carried out to examine the role of the tourism industry on sustenance of socio-cultural development in Cross River State, Nigeria. Primary and secondary sources of data were employed to elicit information for the study. The primary sources comprised of the use of questionnaire survey, interview sessions and direct field observation while the secondary sources involved the use of documented information published in articles, books and in registry of tourist outfits within the study locations.

Tourism brings both positive and negative impacts on tourist destinations. The traditionally-described domains of tourism impacts are economic , socio-cultural , and environmental dimensions. At the same time, tourism also brings positive and negative health outcomes for local people. Global tourism in contributed 3. Tourism can be divided into subcategories into which impacts fall: spending from visitors on tourism experiences like beach holidays and theme parks domestic and international , spending on leisure items like bicycles, business spending, and capital investment.

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