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Working Memory From the Psychological and Neurosciences Perspectives: A Review

To widen explanations of memory, Baddeley and Hitch proposed their working memory model WMM offering an interacting link between sensory storages and long-term memory. In the following, these WMM-subsystems will be shortly described to then present and discuss evidence for each subsystem. Finally, the overall model will be evaluated, and practical applications presented. A study by Baddeley, Gathercole, and Papagno suggested PL serving to acquire new words, like foreign language, but not remembering familiar words. Problematically, recent evidence suggests not only phonological but also semantic processes to be involved in PSE and therefore the WWM to be underspecified Nishiyama, ; Norris et al. Jalbert and colleagues argue for WLE simply being an effect of orthographic neighbourhood there are more similar short than long words , and McGill found a reversed WLE. That hypothesis could be confirmed in different dual-task experiments showing that articulatory suppression reduced action-control and error-rates increased when demands on action-control were high Covre et al.

By Dr. Saul McLeod , updated However, as a result of this research, it became apparent that there were a number of problems with their ideas concerning the characteristics of short-term memory. According to the Multi-Store Model , STM holds limited amounts of information for short periods of time with relatively little processing. It is a unitary system. This means it is a single system or store without any subsystems. Whereas working memory is a multi-component system auditory, and visual.

Working memory capacity in L2 processing

Baddeley's model of working memory is a model of human memory proposed by Alan Baddeley and Graham Hitch in , in an attempt to present a more accurate model of primary memory often referred to as short-term memory. Working memory splits primary memory into multiple components, rather than considering it to be a single, unified construct. This model is later expanded upon by Baddeley and other co-workers to add a fourth component, and has become the dominant view in the field of working memory. However, alternative models are developing, providing a different perspective on the working memory system. The phonological loop stores verbal content, whereas the visuo-spatial sketchpad caters to visuo-spatial data. Both the slave systems only function as short-term storage centers. In , Baddeley added a third slave system to his model, the episodic buffer.

However, difficulties with the model of verbal working memory in particular have led investigators to develop alternative models that avoid appealing either to sensory coding or to motoric coding, or to both. This paper examines the evidence for sensorimotor coding in working memory, including evidence from neuropsychology and from sign language research, as well as from standard working memory paradigms, and concludes that only a sensorimotor model can accommodate the broad range of effects that characterize verbal working memory. In addition, several findings that have been considered to speak against sensorimotor involvement are reexamined and are argued to be in fact compatible with sensorimotor coding. These conclusions have broad implications, in that they support the emerging theoretical viewpoint of embodied cognition. Download to read the full article text. Allport, D. Auditory-verbal short-term memory and conduction aphasia.

Working Memory From the Psychological and Neurosciences Perspectives: A Review

In this paper, we review the current state of the second language L2 processing literature and report data suggesting that this subfield should now turn its attention to working memory capacity as an important factor modulating the possibility of near -native-like L2 processing. Applied Psycholinguistics Journal of Psycholinguistic Research Journal of Memory and Language Second Language Research

Working memory WM refers to the human capacity to encode, store, manipulate, and recall information. A proper understanding of WM therefore provides essential insights into human cognition. This chapter reviews available research concerning the impact of deafness and sign language use on WM, much of which comes from the study of a single subcomponent of WM termed short-term memory STM. We argue that excessive focus on STM the ability to encode, store, and retrieve a sequence of unrelated words in serial order to the exclusion of other WM subprocesses has caused an extreme interest in phonological coding at the expense of other known codes used in WM, in particular visual but also episodic codes. Deafness and use of a sign language may result in greater reliance on not only visual but also episodic coding, as compared to what is typically observed in hearing nonsigners.

European Psychologist , 7, pp. Is Working Memory Still Working? Reprinted with permission from the original publication:.

A Critical Evaluation of Baddeley and Hitch’s Working Memory Models

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Working Memory Model

Phyllis Kittler, Sharon J. Krinsky-McHale, Darlynne A. Am J Ment Retard 1 November ; 6 : —

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    Abstract and Figures. Working memory (WM) (Baddeley and Hitch, ) is a crucial concept in cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience. It refers to.

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    Since the concept of working memory was introduced over 50 years ago, different schools of thought have offered different definitions for working memory based on the various cognitive domains that it encompasses.