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fortigate firewall interview questions and answers pdf

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Here we have discussed basic interview questions on the FortiGate firewall.

If you're looking for Fortinet Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are in right place.

Are you looking for FortiGate job s? Want to change your career? Go through our unique page of interview questions to search and apply for the jobs. Question 1. Answer : Inspect for viruses.

Basic Interview Questions FortiGate Firewall

Inspect for viruses. Inspect the content of the message payload. Inspect for spam. Perform a routing lookup to decide the next-hop MTA. Ans: The attempt will be accepted when there is a matching WAN optimization passive rule.

A: Next-Generation Firewall NGFW is the part of the third generation in firewall technology, combining a traditional firewall with other network device filtering functionalities, such as an application firewall using an in-line deep packet inspection system DPI , an intrusion prevention system IPS. A: I am listing below methods in order of strength for authentication and encryption: WPA2 — Enterprise A: First inspect viruses, then Inspect content of the message payload, then Inspect for spam, followed by performing a routing lookup to decide the next hop in MTA. A: If the network administrator deploys FortiMail unit in transparent mode then DNS records do not necessarily have to be modified. A: Security Fabric uses FortiTelemetry to connect different security sensors and tools together to collect, coordinate, and respond to malicious behavior anywhere it occurs on the network in real-time.

Categories: Buzz , Security Tags: firewall , security. What is the default password for Fortigate firewall? As a new firewall is out of the box, and you need to connect it to your laptop for accessing it and then configure it, what is the management IP subnet you should assign to your laptop to access Fortinet firewall? In addition, what is the default IP address for managing the Fortinet firewall? As a network security expert you should have fair idea of configuring aggregate interface via CLI on fortigate, write basic set of commands needed to configure multiple ports in aggregate interface of IEEE

Fortinet (Fortigate) Firewall Interview Questions and Answers

Answer : Unified threat management UTM is a move toward security management that allows a network administrator to monitor and manage a wide variety of security-related applications and infrastructure components through a single management console. UTM appliances not only combines firewall, gateway anti-virus, and intrusion detection and prevention capabilities into a single platform but also works within themselves interdependently just like a piece of fabric. Join Fortinet Training. Question 2 : What does Aware mean in Fortinet Security fabric? Answer : Security Fabric behaves as a single entity from a Policy and Logging perspective, enabling end-to-end segmentation to lessen the risk from advanced threats. We not only need to see data that flows into and out of the network but how that data pass through the network once it is inside the perimeter. Fortinet Security Fabric enables end-to-end network segmentation for deep visibility and inspection of traffic traveling the network, and controls who and what gets to go where thereby minimizing the risk from advanced threats.

The interviewer is indeed not asking you to reinvent their wheel. The worst thing you could do here is speak negatively about Fortinet, Inc. If you do have a suggestion, keep it light and be sure to close your answer on a complimentary, and positive note. If I could make any suggestion, I would recommend more updates on the company blog. People are interested in what Fortinet, Inc.

The Xie brothers founded Fortinet in the year As you can see, Fortinet has been making noise in everything they do. Due to this progression of the company with the products as well as in terms of a growing organization a lot of candidates and professionals across the world want to work with Fortinet. Here are some Fortinet Interview questions which will help you to crack your interview at Fortinet or companies dealing with Fortinet products and services. These Fortinet Interview Questions touch every topic in the Fortinet syllabus.

Fortinet Interview Questions and Answers. What is your opinion of Fortinet's FortiGate Firewall? What is UTM? What is Security fabric? What is Threat Management? What is a Next-Generation Firewall? What is the difference between a Next-Generation Firewall vs. Do you know about Fortinet as an Organization?

Fortinet Interview Questions

As per the Gartner report, Almost 7. Because of its huge demand, you can expect a lot of Fortinet job opening. It enables protection against malware and automated visibility to stop attacks. It includes features like intrusion prevention system IPS , web filtering, secure sockets layer SSL inspection, and automated threat protection.

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Fortigate Firewall Interview Questions and Answers

Fortinet Interview Questions

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FortiGate Interview Questions & Answers

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Top 44 Fortinet Firewall Interview Questions

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