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current affairs multiple choice questions and answers pdf

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Please specify. A verifcation code has been sent to your mobile number. To meet our Jury, click here. General Awareness Questions.

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You can either purchase one month PDF by paying Rs. Call us: Question: Which country celebrated its traditional Lantern festival in February ? Question: In which city a new sacred building named Churmosquagogue is being built with the aim of bringing Christians, Jews and Muslims to a single place of worship? Question: Who inaugurated the India Toy Fair ?

A huge number of eligible candidates are preparing for national wide and state-wide competitive exams. For all kinds of exams, some topics are common. Aspirants must have to prepare on those topics. Usually, a good number of questions will be asked from current affairs in all sorts of competitive exams. Many of the aspirants will use current affairs questions to boost up their total marks. In mains level exams, candidates must have to target any one of the sections to make up their total score beyond the cutoff marks. For that, the current affairs topic is the better choice.

Current Affairs Questions and Answers PDF

Current Affairs plays a huge role in all the government and competitive examination. In General Awareness, Current Affairs to appear to be one of the important section where candidates must prepare well. In this article that will help the candidates practice for the exam. Before starting the current affairs quiz, it is a must to know its benefits of CA in the exams. Attempting the Current Affairs Quiz on th March will improve your knowledge, accuracy, time management, and speed.

The recent Prelims has once again given more importance to current events, hence it is our efforts to leave no stone unturned to cover as many areas as possible from where questions can be framed which is relevant to UPSC civil services Preliminary exam. Questions will be both conceptual and factual. Solving daily questions based on current affairs will help you both understand issues and remember facts better. Earlier, quizzes were integrated with current events section on this website. Now posting them as separate feature for easy revision later. Perhaps some coding issue. Vinay Sir… please..

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Chapter 3. D: Myanmar. Download PDF. Chapter 2.

A question which haunts every aspirant. I would say it is a puzzle and the only solution to this puzzle is Practice. This is not just a word.

Current Affairs

Quizzes Pdf. Quizzes must be done on your own no collaboration, and no discussion of the questions or your answers with others. Not all of these questions will apply to you, but they should help get you started. Questions

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World current affairs mcqs with answers. Latest current affairs online multiple choice questions (MCQs) Test (Year ). Latest issues Link to Current Affairs MCQs (PDF) is given at the bottom of the page. FEATURED CURRENT.

Current Affairs January 2020 - Online Quiz

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