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tennyson and browning as victorian poets pdf

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Victorian Poetry With Special Reference to Tennyson and Browning

Post a comment. Saturday, 26 March Comparative study of Tennyson and Brownimg. Name : Trivedi Hezal K. Roll No : PG Reg. Year : Course No. Unit-4 — Tennyson and browning: a study of poets — Assignments Topic - Comparative study of Tennyson and browning. Submitted to : S. Gardi Department of English. Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University. Gujarat — India. Click here to evaluate my assignment.

During this period Queen Victoria developed the much literary forms. During that period many great writers gave their best contribution to English age as a gift.

Tennyson the prominent poet of the age. The Victorian age is especially remarkable because of its period of its rapid progress in all the arts and science and in mechanical inventions. It was long period of place personality referred sensibilities and national self confidence for Britain.

Victorian as is also known for the age of newspaper, the magazine, and the modern novel. The two main poets are Alfred lord Tennyson and Robert Browning. Alfred lord Tennyson:. Much of his verse was based on classical mythological themes, such as Ulysses, although In Memoriam A. As a pictorial poet, he follows the example of Keats. His all poems most probably based on imagery of nature and other natural elements.

His description of each line built our-selves to see the magic of his art and surprisable deep and beautiful scene of the picture of the poem. His most famous volumes and poems are:. Robert browning:. His first work is Pauline and it was written in Robert Browning — was an English poet and playwright whose mastery of dramatic verse, especially dramatic monologues, made him one of the foremost Victorian poets. Browning was famous for his dramatic monologues and commentary on social institutions.

He truly observer of Renaissance period and he admire for it. By talking about the Renaissance, Browning can make his cultural criticism somewhat less biting. He also gains access to a wealth of sensuous detail and historical reference, which he can then use to add vibrancy to his verse. Browning aspires to redefine the aesthetic. The rough language of his poems often matches the personalities of his speakers. Browning uses colloquialisms, and rough meter to portray inner conflict and to show characters living in the real world.

His most famous and noticeable poems are as under:. His plays like,. Comparative study of Tennyson and browning:. Tennyson and Browning are the two literary titans of the Victorian age who towered over all other poets of the period for about help a century. However, as poets they have very little in common. It is true that he lived in Italy after his marriage, and so had no interest in the tendencies and movements in Victorian England.

But he was quite unresponsive to the Italian freedom struggle also even when Mrs. Browning was so-sympathetic to it. It means that Browning had no interest in contemporary history.

His main interest was in the remote part, especially in the Italy of the Renaissance. Being a poet of the 19th century, Tennyson could not escape the influences of Romanticism. In his poetry Nature always predominates. In fact, it is nicely said that if Byron is the poet of the mountains and oceans, Shelley of cloud and air, Keats of the perfume of evening, Wordsworth of the meaning and mysteries of Nature as a whole, Tennyson is the poet of flowers, trees and birds.

Just like a scientist he has penetrated through the nature. In fact, Nature except for a brief period in the 18th century has been a perennial element of English poetry and especially after Wordsworth it is inconceivable that any poet could do with it, to which Browning is no exception. Browning interest in Nature is neither prominent, nor persistent as in the case of Tennyson.

Alfred Tennyson and Robert Browning belong to the Victorian age and they occupy a prominent place as a pre-eminent poet of their age.

Both the poets apply new techniques and styles in poetry writing. But both these poets adopt their own style in their writing. Browning focuses on the psyche of his frantic characters and tries to look into deep inside of such characters in his writings. Browning tries to understand human nature, religion, and society properly. He studies the innermost psychology of characters. On the other hand, Tennyson draws material from external specific realities, ideas, and objects and tries to express it through ornate language.

Another significant difference between poems of Alfred Tennyson's and Robert Browning is in their nature of expression. Their poetic concerns are hardly related. Browning systematically depicts the essence of a character whereas Tennyson gives importance in inducing and endorsing a particular mood. Comparison and differences in there poems.

In both these poems, the description of landscape indicates the state of mind of the poem's central character. And neither poem is describing something beautiful or attractive! The 'lonely moated grange' is from the outset a neglected and isolated place, just as the person within is neglected and lonely.

The details of the landscape present a smoothly grey picture, but are nonetheless lovely descriptions, such as:. All silver-green with gnarled bark". The girl herself is unchangingly dreary, as emphasized by the repetition of her "I am a weary" statements with each stanza. No insight into her character is offered—she reflects the landscape as much as it reflects her. There is a strong sense of stillness conveyed within the poem, everything—especially Mariana—is passive.

It is not possible to forget that this is a journey through a landscape. The central character's reaction to the dreadful country through which he must pass reveals his mood and expectation of death very clearly, and his emotional reactions to what he sees become part of the description.

Browning's jagged and hideous landscape is reflected in the uncomfortable language he uses to convey it, again contrasting with Tennyson's more mellifluous style.

These two poets are, as can be seen, very different in their approach to the idea of the narrative. Tennyson presents beautiful scenes, indeed he cannot help but do so even when the subject matter is supposed to be dull, and he offers many images which can be plucked from the poems and kept like little jewels on their own. Browning's poems are less lovely but more lively, and his focus is far less on conveying the appearance than on conveying the inner life of his characters.

His language is more complicated and less elegant, and it is hard to extract a line or two from a poem such as 'My Last Duchess', partly because the sentence structure is long and involved, and partly because the work needs to be read as a whole. Whom we just studied in our respect, especially in their methods of approaching the truth, the two man are the exact opposites. Tennyson is the first artist and then the teacher, but with browning the message is always the important thing and he careless, too careless, of the form in which it is expressed.

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Similarities and dissimilarities between L.A.Tennyson and Robert Browning as Victorian poets..docx

Dickens and other Victorians pp Cite as. The habit of thinking of literary periods as segments creates the same kind of history that produces it. The Victorian period has always been regarded as isolated between two periods, Romanticism and modernism. Thus Victorian poetry is seen in terms of transition. It is on the way somewhere. It is either on the way from Romantic poetry, or on the way to modernism.

High Hopes? Dangers to the Nation 3. Fears of the Individual 4. He was right in at least one regard: His was a time of change, and of a change as far-reaching and comprehensive as it had hardly ever been encountered before. Thus, the Industrial Revolution transformed a predominantly rural nation into the highly urbanised world centre of trade and industry within decades; a capitalist system was quickly gaining ground, and imperialist expansion created an empire of unprecedented size and might.

Re-reading Victorian Poetry

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Robert Browning 7 May — 12 December was an English poet and playwright whose dramatic monologues made him one of the foremost Victorian poets. His poems are noted for irony , characterisation , dark humour, social commentary , historical settings and challenging vocabulary and syntax. His career began well, but collapsed for a time.

This introductory article explores the various forms and functions of Victorian poetry. An overview of the four sections of the Handbook is also presented. Keywords: Victorian poems , Victorian poets , poetic style , work , form. Many Victorian p.

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