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Since the first use of water as a hydraulic medium in the late 18th century, hydraulics has become an indispensable discipline of engineering science.

Hydraulic Fluids

If you wish to contribute or participate in the discussions about articles you are invited to join SKYbrary as a registered user. Virtually all aircraft make use of some hydraulically powered components.

In light, general aviation aircraft, this use might be limited to providing pressure to activate the wheel brakes.

In larger and more complex aeroplanes, the use of hydraulically powered components is much more common. Depending upon the aircraft concerned, a single hydraulic system, or two or more hydraulic systems working together, might be used to power any or all of the following components:. A hydraulic system consists of the hydraulic fluid plus three major mechanical components. Fluid is the medium via which a hydraulic system transmits its energy and, theoretically, practically any fluid could be utilized.

However, given the operating pressure to psi that most aircraft hydraulic systems generate in combination with the environmental conditions and strict safety criteria under which the system must operate, the hydraulic fluid that is used should have the following properties:. Several types of hydraulic pumps driven by a variety of power sources can be found in aviation applications.

Pumps include:. Aviation hydraulic systems, in general, are of the "open loop" variety drawing fluid from a reservoir, pressurizing it and making it available to the various user components before returning the fluid to the reservoir.

The primary components of the "plumbing" portion of the hydraulic system include the following:. Hydraulic system redundancy is achieved by two primary means - multiple systems and multiple pressure sources within the same system. Hydraulic system overheat, loss of pressure or fluid contamination can all result in the loss of the hydraulic system and the loss of function of those components that it powers.

Fluid contamination can also result in loss of hydraulic system efficiency, fluid leaks, excessive component wear and premature component failure. The primary defense against hydraulic fluid contamination lies in robust maintenance practices.

Any fluids used to service the system must be as specified in the AOM and fluid types should not be mixed. Care should be taken to ensure that the fluid is not contaminated prior to use and that no contaminants are introduced to the system while topping up the fluid. System filters should be cleaned or replaced as per manufacturer's guidelines.

If the loss of pressure was as a result a total of loss of hydraulic fluid, the system is not recoverable.

US4481125A - Water-based hydraulic fluid - Google Patents

A hydraulic fluid or hydraulic liquid is the medium by which power is transferred in hydraulic machinery. Common hydraulic fluids are based on mineral oil or water. Hydraulic systems like the ones mentioned above will work most efficiently if the hydraulic fluid used has zero compressibility. The primary function of a hydraulic fluid is to convey power. In use, however, there are other important functions of hydraulic fluid such as protection of the hydraulic machine components. The table below lists the major functions of a hydraulic fluid and the properties of a fluid that affect its ability to perform that function: [2].

Brown, F. Water is the obvious answer for a substitute to crude - fresh, sea or produced brine. This paper presents experimental work done on the development of additives to make water suitable for hydraulic pumping. Field testing and recent commercial applications have shown the numerous advantages, practicability and economy of using water as a power fluid. Fluid normally available for power is the produced crude which frequently lacks good lubricating properties, has too high a viscosity at times and contains sand, water, paraffin and other foreign materials. In the early days of hydraulic pumping, only the open system was available and there was an economic limit to improving the quality of the crude power fluid. Development of the free pump gave impetus to use of the parallel string.

Hydraulic fluid

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Although the original fluid used with the traditional cast iron component hydraulic systems was water, it was soon found to have some major flaws. For one, as soon as the temperature dropped, it would freeze. If the climate conditions were too hot, it would then evaporate. Although water is still used in certain situations and applications, it will usually be emulsified with oil.

Hydraulic Fluids – Functions & Characteristics

Topics: Manufacturing. Viscosity is a measure of a hydraulic fluid's resistance to flow.

Guide to Hydraulic Oil

We've noticed you have got JavaScript disabled. To get the full experience from this website, we strongly recommend you enable JavaScript in your browser. Hydraulic oil is used in many industries and in a wide variety of applications. Read our guide to hydraulic fluids to learn more or alternatively call Instead of getting lost in the world of hydraulic fluid, hydraulic liquids or hydraulic lubricants, why not take a look at our easy to follow guide to hydraulic oil?

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to know the properties of hydraulic fluids and its influence on system performance​. There are there should be some standardisation of hydraulic fluids and one such type is ISO /8_fluid_information_/a_downloads/re_pdf.

Characteristics of a Good Hydraulic Fluid


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Hydraulic Fluids

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