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encyclopedia of the history of astronomy and astrophysics pdf

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The Encyclopedia of the Solar System provides a series of comprehensive and authoritative articles written by more than 50 eminent planetary and space scientists.

Astronomy , science that encompasses the study of all extraterrestrial objects and phenomena. Until the invention of the telescope and the discovery of the laws of motion and gravity in the 17th century, astronomy was primarily concerned with noting and predicting the positions of the Sun , Moon , and planets , originally for calendrical and astrological purposes and later for navigational uses and scientific interest.

Best Astronomy and Astrophysics Books

Skip to main content. Historical Astronomy Division. Search form Search. Also a list of History of Astronomy journals with links. Archives of the History of Astronomy Discussion Group HASTRO-L You must join the listserve to search the archives, but you can do so from this page and then be part of an online community of several hundred astrohistorians worldwide. The Royal Society of London Founded inr , The Royal Society is the oldest national scientific institution in the world Dutch History of Science Web Centre "A portal for researchers, students and others with a serious interest in the history of Dutch science from earliest times down to the present day," this site contains publications , bibliographies , biographies , and more.

Some of it is in English. Google Books A great many digitized books, but only portions for those still under copyright. Advanced search allows you to limit your search to books with full view only. Example: Full books on astronomy. Gallica Digitized books from the National Library of France.

The University of Michigan Historical Mathematics Collection About math books from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Museo Galileo A virtual museum and digital collections include ancient mathematics, Galileo, and others, mostly in Italian or Latin.

German National Library European Cultural Heritage Online More than , high resolution images of historical sources, with collections in history of cosmology, history of mechanics, history of science, the scientific revolution, etc.

Fondos Digitalizados de la Universidad de Sevilla Digitized books, primarily from the 16th century, provided by the library of the University of Seville. Astronomy books in Swiss libraries Scientific books collected by the ETH-Bibliothek, dating from the middle of the 15th century to the end of the 19th century. Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts This site at UCLA offers a simple and straightforward means to discover medieval manuscripts available on the web.

Leichter, contains scans of many ancient astronomical texts. These contain over , full-text online documents and over , images and videos. Google Scholar Broad search capabilites. The advanced version allows you to be more precise. Search journals by volume or year or search the whole database by author, subject, etc. Full-text search is powerful. Scientific Instrument Commission Bibliography Lists the titles of books, pamphlets, catalogues and articles on or connected with historical scientific instruments.

An Analytic Bibliography of online Neo-Latin Texts Links to more than 27, texts in Latin written during the Renaissance and later that are freely available to the general public on the Web. Everything is free, thanks to NASA. Those from and earlier are free via ADS. Mostly recent, but historic issues of some, such as Journal of Scientific Instruments and Transactions of the Optical Society.

Nature Archive All articles back to may be purchased. All articles since are available for a fee. Physics Today archive Full contents back to Volume 1 in Some articles are free. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences archive All articles back to are available at no cost.

Quarterly Journal of Mathematics archive Nearly all articles from to date are available for a fee. All articles back to are available here for a fee, but Proceedings of the Royal Society from to and Philosophical Transactions from to are free on Gallica, and many out-of-copyright articles are free on the HathiTrust Digital Libary.

Science magazine archive Nearly all articles from to date are available for a fee. SpringerLink Includes more than journals, 7 book series, and nearly books in physics and astronomy.

Some are "Open Access" free , but most are costly. Note that some are costly here but free on ADS. Antiquity A quarterly review of World Archaeology. Archive may be browsed. Abstracts are free; articles may be purchased. Tables of contents available free on the site. Articles more than one year old may be purchased on the site. All articles back to and of its predecessor to are available for a fee. All back articles are available for a fee. All back issues available free. Indian Journal of History of Science Published quarterly.

A cumulative index from to is available online. Isis Sponsored by the History of Science Society, it contains history of science, medicine, and technology, and their cultural influences.

All articles are available — at a cost. Tables of contents and searching are free. All issues back to are available on this site, but to subscribers only. Most articles three years old and older are available free on ADS. All content back to is now available free on this site and also on ADS. Since the journal is published in electronic format only, but it is possible to download and print entire issues as well as individual papers from the JAHH site. All articles back to are available for a fee.

Biographical Information The Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers Articles are now available through institutional or personal subscription only. Biographical Memoirs of the National Academy of Sciences Alphabetical listing of more than Biographical Memoirs available online in pdf format. Some of these and others may be read online in html: Search for the person of interest. Index of obituaries of members of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Most are in ADS. Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society Obituaries published from to one year ago are now free. Those from to the present may be purchased online. The obituaries are in ADS and are free. The definition of mathematicians is sufficiently elastic to include Edwin Hubble, and the topics include mathematical astronomy.

The Bruce Medalists Photos, brief biographies, and extensive bibliographies of more than astronomers honored since by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

The Shapley-Curtis Debate in A number of articles and bibliographies related to the famous "debate" on the Scale of the Universe.

Sullivan, III, author of several books on the subject. Includes links to more sources. Starry Messenger Some aspects of the early history of astronomy, drawing on the collection of instruments and books at the University of Cambridge, mostly from medieval times through Kepler.

They include reports of the Mount Wilson Observatory. The Adler Planetarium Collections The Adler Planetarium boasts one of the largest and most significant collections of historic scientific instruments in the world. In addition, the collections include rare and modern books, works on paper, photography, paintings, models, and archives. Other Organizations in History of Astronomy American Physical Society Forum on the History of Physics The Forum on the History of Physics, a member unit of the American Physical Society, was founded in to bring together physicists, historians, and other members of APS with an interest in the history of their subject and the impact of that history on culture, education, and physics research itself.

The purpose of the Society is to unite colleagues interested in antique telescopes, binoculars instruments, books, atlases and related items, and to promote the membership's interests in astronomical history and discovery, the history of optics, and the preservation and use of the antique instruments through stewardship and education. Biennial History of Astronomy Workshops at the University of Notre Dame While not formally an organization, this group holds conferences during the summer of every odd-numbered year.

British Society for the History of Science The main organisation in the British Isles working to bring together people with an interest in the histories of science, technology, and medicine and their changing relationship with society.

History of Science Society The History of Science Society is the world's largest society dedicated to understanding science, technology, medicine, and their interactions with society in historical context. The ICHA was founded in in order to create a Commission that involves and represents all historians of astronomy — including scholars who, being primarily historians rather than astronomers, are not members of the IAU.

ISAAC, the International Society for Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture A professional organization established in to promote the academic development of archaeoastronomy, including ethnoastronomy. SEAC, the European Society for Astronomy in Culture A professional association of scientists working in the field of Astronomy in Culture or Anthropological Astronomy, including the interdisciplinary disciplines of Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy.

Society for the History of Astronomy Founded in as the UK's national society dedicated to the history of astronomy. Scientific Instrument Commission References Provides links to reference material and other sources of information related to scientific instruments History of Astronomy by Wolfgang R.

Although not updated much recently, this remains the most complete website devoted to the history of astronomy.

Encyclopedia of the Solar System

Skip to main content. Historical Astronomy Division. Search form Search. Also a list of History of Astronomy journals with links. Archives of the History of Astronomy Discussion Group HASTRO-L You must join the listserve to search the archives, but you can do so from this page and then be part of an online community of several hundred astrohistorians worldwide.

Encyclopedia of the Solar System

Use databases and indexes to find articles and more. For additional help, see the quick guide on how to find journal articles. Sort by: Top Picks Alphabetical.

Philosophy of Cosmology

The scope of astronomy

Forgotten your login details? Selected Links A-Z. Astronomical Conferences. Astronomical Publications. Astronomical Surveys.

Here are the Space. We are constantly reading new and classic space books to find our favorite takes on the universe. Although many believe that the quantum-mechanics revolution of the s is settled science, Lee Smolin wants to disrupt that assumption. Smolin, a theoretical physicist based at the Perimeter Institute in Toronto, argues that quantum mechanics is incomplete. The standard quantum model only allows us to know the position or trajectory of a subatomic particle — not both at the same time.

Cosmology the study of the physical universe is a science that, due to both theoretical and observational developments, has made enormous strides in the past years. It has transitioned to an extremely active area of mainstream physics and astronomy, particularly due to the application to the early universe of atomic and nuclear physics, on the one hand, and to a flood of data coming in from telescopes operating across the entire electromagnetic spectrum on the other. However, there are two main issues that make the philosophy of cosmology unlike that of any other science. The first is,. This issue will recur throughout this discussion.

Encyclopedia of the History of Astronomy and Astrophysics

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