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the antichrist babylon and the coming of the kingdom pdf file

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Antichrist: The Beast from the Earth

Share This:. In this document we have identified chapters in the Bible in which the End Times is the main subject. We have selected only the chapters in which the majority of the text 51 percent or more is focused on some aspect of the End Times. At the end of the document however several other passages are mentioned though they do not encompass entire chapters.

The eighty-nine chapters of the four Gospels give us a record of Jesus' heart and power at His first coming when He came to pay the price for our redemption.

These chapters reveal the same Jesus operating in the same Holy Spirit as recorded in the same Bible. We must not be illiterate regarding these glorious chapters in the Bible about the Jesus we love. The generation in which the Lord returns is clearly the generation the Bible describes the most. Jesus spoke more about that generation than the one in which He was born.

He did this to prepare His Bride to be victorious in love during the most dramatic time in world history. This document includes a very brief description of the key aspect of the End Times that is described in each of these chapters. Incidentally, there are over chapters, but it could be debated whether some of these chapters have the End Times as their primary reference they are therefore listed at the end under Additional End Time Passages. We have rounded the number of chapters down to for the sake of clarity.

Some end-time prophecies have a dual fulfillment. This is called the law of the double reference. It means that a partial fulfillment of what was prophesied occurred in the past, while the complete fulfillment of the prophecy is yet in the future. Most often the future fullness of a negative prophecy will be fulfilled in the Great Tribulation and the fullness of the positive prophecies will mostly be seen in the Millennial Kingdom.

For instance, in Luke Jesus references Isaiah as related to His first coming. They will be fulfilled after He returns and establishes the fullness of His reign on the earth in the Millennial Kingdom. Many of the Old Testament prophecies have a partial fulfillment at some point in the past, with a complete fulfillment in the generation in which the Lord returns.

Sometimes, the partial fulfillment can also serve as a prophetic picture of what the fullness will look like at the end of the age. Therefore, our description includes a brief reference to the partial fulfillments of that prophecy in history, whenever it is applicable. It is important to also note, that these prophecies have spiritual applications at any time in history for all believers, before their complete fulfillment at the end of the age.

Jesus first refers to the partial judgments on Israel described in Isaiah 6. Next, He describes the characteristics of the nature of the kingdom through a series of parables. One underlying theme in these parables is that the full manifestation of the kingdom will happen after the Second Coming. Pay attention to how many times this chapter mentions the coming Kingdom of Heaven. He predicted the siege of Jerusalem and the destruction of its temple Mt.

This tragedy foreshadows the siege of Jerusalem at the end of the age Jo. For example, Jesus describes the time of the Great Tribulation as the worst time in history Mt. God shortens this time frame to three and a half years in order to keep the entire human race from being physically killed Mt. Jesus said this hour would come as a snare upon the entire earth, not only Israel Lk.

The Great Tribulation will surpass all other crises in history, including the one million people who died in 70 AD and the fifty million who died in World War II. Jesus said this time of tribulation would not happen until after we see the abomination of desolation Mt. None of these details were fulfilled in the Jewish revolt against Rome AD. This chapter continues with the theme of Matthew The events at the end of the age are addressed through the description of how the end-time Church will prepare for that hour Mt.

It then gives a description of Jesus judging the nations immediately following the Second Coming Mt. This is the most informative passage in Scripture on the resurrection. In verses , he reveals the glory in the resurrected body. Finally in verses , Paul speaks of the mystery pertaining to the generation of believers that will not die, but instead, will be conveyed from mortality to immortality, instantaneously at the return of Christ.

Paul describes the rapture of the church and the resurrection of the dead at the Second Coming 1Th. Next, Paul encourages believers to watch 1Th. The glorious day in which Jesus will come with His mighty angels and take vengeance on the enemies of the gospel Is. Paul describes the perilous times in the last days, in terms of the moral decay within society as it is filled with sin and deception.

Many people will not endure sound doctrine in the End Times. Instead, they will heap up false teachers who will endorse lifestyles of lust, in the context of false doctrines of grace. Many will turn aside from the truth. The coming of Christ is referenced by Paul three times in this short chapter vv. Peter describes the final stages of the Day of the Lord and the cleansing of the earth with fire.

The scroll represents the title deed of the earth and the action plan to cleanse it. God promises to release prophetic messages to bring understanding in order to help people avoid deception. Joel prophesied of a dynamic prophetic outpouring of the Spirit in the End Times. John describes the war that breaks out in heaven causing Satan to be cast to the earth during the Tribulation.

God will raise up , Jewish believers. In Revelation , four key prophetic proclamations are pointed out. God promises to judge the followers of the Antichrist.

The seven bowls of wrath are poured out. The bowls of wrath recall the plagues in Egypt released by Moses against Pharaoh Ex. God promises to destroy Babylon, the evil worldwide economic and religious network that seduces many to follow evil and persecute the saints. Jesus marches into Jerusalem as the Warrior-King to end the Armageddon campaign by defeating the Antichrist.

Satan will be cast into prison as Jesus establishes the Millennial Kingdom. After the Millennial Kingdom comes the great white throne judgment for unbelievers. See the end of this document for the many passages, though not entire chapters that describe how the covenants made with Abraham and his descendants have multiple End Time implications.

There has been a partial fulfillment of this chapter throughout history, most notably in the Babylonian captivity BC , and the destruction of Jerusalem 70 AD. The military invasions and assaults against Israel have not been fulfilled in any one historical event. They will come to fullness in the End Times until Israel confesses her iniquity Le. These chapters contain four prophetic oracles from Balaam to Balak, the king of Moab. The fullness of these oracles will be fulfilled in the Millennial Kingdom with the final destruction of some nations.

Jesus is described as the star that would arise out of Jacob and the scepter that would come out of Israel to crush hostile nations. The details or the full measure of those curses will occur during the Great Tribulation. The fullness of the blessings will occur during the Millennial Kingdom. The Song of Moses is sung on the sea of glass in Revelation God will provoke Israel to jealousy vv. Then, the Lord that kills and wounds will make alive and heal as He brings ultimate deliverance to Israel from her enemies vv.

This will join the Gentiles to the Israelites in rejoicing v. David prophesies of the rage of the nations against Jesus that will fully manifest during the Great Tribulation in the Armageddon campaign.

The rage of the nations in this psalm was partially fulfilled when they persecuted the saints in the early Church Ac. The psalmist prophesies about the fullness of sin that will be expressed by those who will be given over to abominable sin.

Jesus ascends to the holy place as He makes His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, at the time of His Second Coming, after defeating the kings of the earth. He comes with power and then is enthroned as King forever. His holy ones, and mighty ones are charged to give Him the glory due His awesome name.

This chapter focuses on the and awesome power of His voice which will strike the nations and strip the land bare. This song of love describes Jesus at the Armageddon campaign warring against His enemies to establish truth, meekness, and righteousness in the whole earth for the Millennial Kingdom.

This psalm describes the assurance we can have in the midst of the Great Tribulation. The psalm calls us to meditate during the terrifying end-time events.

Jesus will ultimately bring a total end to war as stated in verses The millennial river seen Ezekiel 47 is pictured in Psalm Verse 3 of this psalm depicts Jesus during the Millennial Kingdom. Some see this passage as describing the time the Ark of the Covenant was brought into Jerusalem with much celebration 2Sa. During the Millennium, human kings are filled with awe as they gather outside of millennial Jerusalem. These kings are in a panic and they flee Ps. Millennial Jerusalem is described as shining forth.

A description of the Antichrist and his ways. He will be a man full of boasting, of deceit, of violence and war, he will use his supreme position in the Earth to conquer and to exploit for his own evil desires. He will ultimately fail however and be brought to everlasting ruin in the lake of fire. David again prophesies about the fullness of sin that will be expressed by those who are given over to abominable sin. David prophesies as though speaking as End Time Israel calling out to God because of the Antichrist aggression and betrayal.

Many details about the origin Is.

Apostate Jerusalem as Babylon the Great: Another Look at Revelation 17–18

Share This:. In this document we have identified chapters in the Bible in which the End Times is the main subject. We have selected only the chapters in which the majority of the text 51 percent or more is focused on some aspect of the End Times. At the end of the document however several other passages are mentioned though they do not encompass entire chapters. The eighty-nine chapters of the four Gospels give us a record of Jesus' heart and power at His first coming when He came to pay the price for our redemption.

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In Christian eschatology , the Antichrist , or anti-Christ , is a person prophesied by the Bible to oppose Christ and substitute himself in Christ's place before the Second Coming. The term including one plural form [1] is found five times in the New Testament , solely in the First and Second Epistle of John. The similar term pseudokhristos or "false Christ" is found in the Gospels. In Matthew chapter 24 and Mark chapter 13 , Jesus alerts his disciples not to be deceived by the false prophets , who will claim themselves as being Christ , performing "great signs and wonders ". Whether the New Testament contains an individual Antichrist is disputed. The Greek term antikhristos originates in 1 John. However, Bernard McGinn conjectures that the concept may have been generated by the frustration of Jews subject to often-capricious Seleucid or Roman rule , who found the nebulous Jewish idea of a Satan who is more of an opposing angel of God in the heavenly court insufficiently humanised and personalised to be a satisfactory incarnation of evil and threat.

I find this man's books fascinating. He was writing in the 's, and it is incredible what perceptiveness he shows on the subject of prophecy. He has simply.

150+ Chapters in the Bible on the End Times

The four kingdoms of Daniel are four kingdoms which, according to the Book of Daniel , precede the "end-times" and the " Kingdom of God ". The Book of Daniel originated from a collection of legends circulating in the Jewish community in Babylon and Mesopotamia in the Persian and early Hellenistic periods 5th to 3rd centuries BC , and was later expanded by the visions of chapters in the Maccabean era mid-2nd century. The "four kingdoms" theme appears explicitly in Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 , and is implicit in the imagery of Daniel 8. Daniel's concept of four successive world empires is drawn from Greek theories of mythological history; [2] The symbolism of four metals in the statue in chapter 2 is drawn from Persian writings, [2] while the four "beasts from the sea" in chapter 7 reflect Hosea —8, in which God threatens that he will be to Israel like a lion, a leopard, a bear or a wild beast.

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Four kingdoms of Daniel

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The Final Babylon - America and the Coming of Antichrist