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Adapting the Arthurian Legends for Children pp Cite as.

Created by the original team behind SparkNotes, LitCharts are the world's best literature guides. All that Alliteration. When Sir Gawain was written, verse was primarily written in ways that were quite different animal from the rhyming patterns that are best known today. Alliteration, the repetition of the initial consonant sounds of nearby words, was the major poetic device of the time, pre-dating rhyme.

“Kynde in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.”

Skip to: content. You are here Home. Search form Search. Anonymous, - Original Text:. Karen Arthur, ed. Lancashire, in collaboration with J. Bradley, W. McCarty, M. Stairs, and T.

Nero A x in British Museum, trans. Ernest J. Kirtlan London: Charles H. Kelly, PR G3 Robarts Library. Aeneas the noble it was, and his high kindred, who vanquished great nations and became the rulers of wellnigh all the western world. Noble Romulus went to Rome with great show of strength, and built that city at the first, and gave it his own name, as it is called to this day.

Ticius went into Tuscany and began to set up habitations, and Langobard made his home in Lombardy; whilst Brutus, far over the French sea by many a full broad hill-side, the fair land of Britain.

Where war and wrack and wonder. Often were seen therein,. And oft both bliss and blunder. Have come about through sin. And more wonders have been wrought in this land than in any other I wot of since that time. But of all the British kings, Arthur was the most courteous, as I have heard say. And I propose to tell you a wondrous adventure, as some hold it to be, that happened in Arthur's court; and if ye will listen but a little I will tell it you. As I have heard it told,.

In a story brave and strong,. In a loyal book of old,. In the land it has been long. And betimes these gentle knights held full many a tournament, and jousted in jolly fashion, and then returned they to the court to sing the Christmas carols. And the feasting was for fifteen days, and it was with all the meat and mirth that men could devise.

And glorious to hear was the noisy glee by day and the dancing by night, and all was joyous in hall and chamber, among the lords and ladies as it pleased them, and they were the most renowned knights under Christ and the loveliest ladies that ever lived, for all these fair folk were in their first age, and great were they. The gayest in the land,.

The king was of great worth,. I could not name a band. So hardy upon earth. And clerks and others set up a loud cry, and they kept the Feast of Christmas anew, and they gave and received New Year's gifts, and much talking was there about the gifts. And ladies laughed full loudly, though they had lost in the exchange, and he that won was not wrath, as ye will well trow, and they made all this mirth together as was fitting for the season.

When they had washed, they worthily went to their seats, each according to his rank, as was seemly. The comeliest lady, I ween,. She glanced from eyes that were grey,. Her like that he had seen. Truly could no man say. Little recked he of his life; and so restless was he that he could not sit or recline for long, so active was his young blood and his brain.

And there was another strange thing about him because of his noble birth, that he would not eat on these high days until he had heard some eerie tale of marvellous adventures, of his forbears or arms, or else that some knight joined with another in jousting, life for life as hap would have it. This was the custom of the King when he was in court at each feast as it came amongst his noble household. Therefore so bold of face.

He sat there, strong in stall,. In that new year of grace. Much mirth he made with all. Sir Gawain was sitting beside Guinevere. Agravayn of the hard hand sat on the other side, and both were sons of the king's sister and very strong and faithful knights. Bishop Bawdewyn was at the head of the table, and Ywain, son of Urien, was eating by himself. With the crashing of trumpets came the first course, and with banners and beating of drums and piping loud, so that many a heart heaved full high at the sound, and there were many dear and full dainty meats.

And there were so many dishes and such great plenty that it was hard to find room to set before the folk the silver service that held the courses. Each man as he loved himself. There laughed he without loath,. Each two had dishes twelve,.

Good beer and bright wine both. Another and a full new wonder was drawing near. Scarcely had the noise ceased and the first course been served in the court, when there came in at the hall door an ugly fellow and tallest of all men upon earth.

From his neck to his loins so square set was he, and so long and stalwart of limb, that I trow he was half a giant. And yet he was a man, and the merriest that might ride. His body in back and breast was strong, his belly and waist were very small, and all his features.

Great wonder of the knight. Folk had in hall, I ween,. Full fierce he was to sight,. And over all bright green. And verily all his vesture was of pure green, both the stripings of his belt, and the stones that shone brightly in his orgeous apparel, upon silk work, on his person and saddle; and it would be too tedious to tell you even the half of such trifles as were thereon embroidered with birds and flies in gaudy greens, and ever gold in the midst.

The pendants of the horse's neck-gear, the proud cropper, the ornaments, and all the metal thereof, were enamelled of green; the stirrups that he stood in of the same colour, and his saddle-bow also; and they were all glimmering and shining with green stones; and the foal on which he rode was of that same hue.

A green horse great and thick,. A steed full strong to strain,. In broidered bridle thick,. To the man he was full gain. The horse's mane was crisped and gemmed with many a knot, and folded in with gold thread about the fair green with ever a fillet of hair and one of gold, and his tail and head were intertwisted with gold in the same manner, and bound with a band of bright green, and decked with costly stones and tied with a tight knot above; and about them were ringing many full bright bells of burnished gold.

Such a horse or his rider were never seen in that hall before or. Say they that him descry,. His dintings e'er defy. And the head thereof measured an ell, and its grain was of green steel and of hewn gold, and the broad edge of it was burnished brightly, and as well shaped for cutting as a razor. And the sturdy knight gripped the steel of the stiff staff that was wound round with iron right along its length, and engraven in green with many noble deeds; and lace lapped it about and was fastened on the head, and looped about the handle full oft with many tassels tied thereto and broidered full richly on buttons of bright green.

The first word that he uttered was 'Where is the chief of this company? Gladly would I see that man in the body, and speak with him seasonably. The knight cast round his eye,. And reeled up and down,. He stopped and 'gan to spy. Who was of best renown. All studied him carefully, and came nearer to him, for they had seen many wonders, but nothing like unto this; therefore the folk deemed it to be a phantom or some faery.

And many of them were afraid to answer him; astounded at his voice, stone still they sat. And there was a solemn silence through that rich hall, as though they had all fallen asleep. Not all, I trow, for fear. But some for courtesy:. Let him whom all hold dear. Unto him make reply. I am Arthur, the head of this hostel.

Alight from thy horse, and linger with us, I pray thee, and afterwards we will come to know what thy will is. Thou mayest rest assured by this holly token I hold in my hand that I am come in peaceful wise, and seek no quarrel; for had I come in company, in fighting wise, I have both a helm and a hauberk at home, and a shield, and a sharp and brightly shining spear, and other weapons I wield there as I ween; but because I wage no warfare, my weeds are of softer sort.

But if thou art so bold as all men say, thou wilt grant me in goodly wise the games I ask. Then Arthur he did swear,. And said, 'Sir courteous knight,.


For details on it including licensing , click here. This book is licensed under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa 3. See the license for more details, but that basically means you can share this book as long as you credit the author but see below , don't make money from it, and do make it available to everyone else under the same terms. This content was accessible as of December 29, , and it was downloaded then by Andy Schmitz in an effort to preserve the availability of this book. Normally, the author and publisher would be credited here. However, the publisher has asked for the customary Creative Commons attribution to the original publisher, authors, title, and book URI to be removed. Additionally, per the publisher's request, their name has been removed in some passages.

Jump to navigation. Chapter IX. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Dance accompanied by song. Often mentioned in old romances.

Access options available:. London: Faber and Faber, ISBN: The late James S. Holmes, a scholar who devoted great attention to the practice of verse translation, proposed the term metapoem to refer to any verse composition intended as a translation of a poem see Translated! In Holmes's view the qualifications of a good metapoet include 'acumen as a critic, craftsmanship as a poet, and skill in the analysing and resolving of a confrontation of norms and conventions across linguistic and cultural barriers in the making of appropriate decisions' p. Armitage's deep attachment to the Middle English poem has prompted an ambitious, creative process founded on sound decisions on the form, style, and meaning of the metapoem.

But Felix Brutus sailed full far, o'er the French flood,. And on its And frankly to Gawain he quoth, that knight in green,. “Make we E'en as the book doth say. IX.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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Listen to audio-book edition sample:. Translated and modernised by A. This work may be freely reproduced, stored and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. Conditions and Exceptions apply. Written in Middle English of the late Fourteenth Century, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight survives in a single manuscript which also contains three religious poems including Pearl, written it seems by the same author, who is therefore referred to as The Pearl Poet.

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Единственное сорвавшееся с них слово фактически не было произнесено.

Конец веревочки. Он набрал номер. - Escortes Belen, - ответил мужчина. И снова Беккер изложил свою проблему: - Si, si, senor. Меня зовут сеньор Ролдан. Буду рад вам помочь.

Он не имел ни малейшего желания затеряться в подвальных коридорах АНБ с сопротивляющейся изо всех сил заложницей. Это смертельная ловушка. Если даже он выберется на улицу, у него нет оружия. Как он заставит Сьюзан пройти вместе с ним к автомобильной стоянке.

Беккер был уверен, что представляет собой отличную мишень, даже несмотря на то что находился среди огромного множества прихожан: его пиджак цвета хаки ярко выделялся на черном фоне. Вначале он хотел снять его, но белая оксфордская рубашка была бы ничуть ни лучше, поэтому он лишь пригнулся еще ниже. Мужчина рядом нахмурился. - Turista, - усмехнулся. И прошептал чуть насмешливо: - Llamo un medico.

Modern English Text

Это очень важная часть! - заявил лейтенант.  - Это не ребро или палец, как в церквях Галиции. Вам и в самом деле стоило бы задержаться и посмотреть. - Может быть, я так и сделаю. - Mala suerte, - вздохнул лейтенант.  - Не судьба. Собор закрыт до утренней мессы.

 Самообразование за тюремной решеткой. Хейл засмеялся. - Нет, серьезно, Сьюзан, тебе никогда не приходило в голову, что это все-таки возможно и что Танкадо действительно придумал невзламываемый алгоритм. Этот разговор был ей неприятен. - Ну, мы не сумели этого сделать. - А вдруг Танкадо умнее .

Но он не был готов к тому, что произошло в следующее мгновение. Сохраняя ледяное спокойствие, Сьюзан ткнула указательным пальцем в твердокаменную грудь Хейла и заставила его остановиться. Хейл в шоке отпрянул, поняв, что она не шутит: Сьюзан Флетчер никогда еще до него не дотрагивалась, даже руки не коснулась. Правда, это было не то прикосновение, какое он рисовал в воображении, представляя себе их первый физический контакт, но все же… Хейл долго с изумлением смотрел на нее, затем медленно повернулся и направился к своему терминалу. Одно ему было абсолютно ясно: распрекрасная Сьюзан Флетчер бьется над чем-то очень важным, и можно поклясться, что это никакая не диагностика.

Танкадо использовал наживку для дурачков… и АНБ ее проглотило. Сверху раздался душераздирающий крик Стратмора. ГЛАВА 86 Когда Сьюзан, едва переводя дыхание, появилась в дверях кабинета коммандера, тот сидел за своим столом, сгорбившись и низко опустив голову, и в свете монитора она увидела капельки пота у него на лбу. Сирена выла не преставая. Сьюзан подбежала к .

Я сказал ей, что даю пятьдесят, но она хотела. Ей надо было выкупить билет на самолет - если найдется свободное место перед вылетом. Беккер почувствовал, как кровь отхлынула от его лица.

Мне нужны только деньги на такси.  - Он прикинул в уме, сколько в этой пачке в пересчете на доллары.

Но было что-то. Сьюзан на мгновение заколебалась и оглянулась на заблокированную дверь. Всего двадцать минут, подумала .

 - Не думаю, что он знал, что имеет дело с вирусом. Я думаю, он был введен в заблуждение. Бринкерхофф молчал. Мидж Милкен явно чего-то не поняла. - Это многое объясняет, - настаивала .

Сьюзан рассеянно подняла на нее глаза, безучастная к царившему вокруг нее безумию. Все в комнате дружно повернули головы. Диаграмма чем-то напоминала бычий глаз. В центре находился красный кружок с надписью БАЗА, вокруг которого располагались пять концентрических окружностей разной толщины и разного цвета. Внешняя окружность была затуманена и казалась почти прозрачной.

Но что будет, если какое-нибудь будущее правительство станет вести себя. Ведь эта технология - на вечные времена. Сьюзан слушала его безучастно, от воя сирены у нее закладывало уши.

Беккер нахмурился. - У меня только песеты. - Какая разница. Давай сотню песет. Обменные операции явно не относились к числу сильных сторон Двухцветного: сто песет составляли всего восемьдесят семь центов.

Однако вместо этого Сьюзан увидела нечто совершенно иное, от чего кровь застыла в жилах. СЛЕДОПЫТ ОТКЛЮЧЕН Следопыт отключен. У нее даже перехватило дыхание. Почему.

 Что? - Сьюзан встала, глаза ее сверкали. Стратмор подавил желание встать с ней. Он многое знал об искусстве ведения переговоров: тот, кто обладает властью, должен спокойно сидеть и не вскакивать с места.


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    This comprehensive, critical edition of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is the fruit of William Vantuono's research on the fourteenth-century romance.

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    This Green Knight tells the court that he desires their participation in a game, in which he and one of the knights present will trade axe blows.