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welfare regimes and the experience of unemployment in europe pdf

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Welfare state

In the mids, many European countries were lagging behind. Compared to its main competitors, economic growth was slow and unemployment rates were high. These challenges put strains on welfare states and labour markets designed to deal with different types of demographic and socioeconomic conditions. The matter in question was how to reform existing social policies and institutions with the aim of surmounting common European problems and challenges. In this context, the region emerged as a unit to address challenges to domestic welfare systems see Bianculli and Ribeiro Hoffmann, Introduction. More specifically, common problems suggested the diffusion of common European labour market approaches, which would in turn guide and support domestic reforms. Unable to display preview.

The dramatic increase in unemployment in Europe since the s has garnered the attention of policy-makers in particular and society in general. Youth unemployment particularly has serious consequences in terms of economic life conditions, shame, and health Starrin et al. In terms of policy responses and collective action on a national level, there are three types of reactions to high unemployment rates Giugni Governments respond by redistributing collective resources, by adjusting labor market policies toward activation and a certain degree of conditionality for social rights e. Unable to display preview.

The scarring effect of COVID-19: youth unemployment in Europe

The welfare state is a form of government in which the state protects and promotes the economic and social well-being of the citizens, based upon the principles of equal opportunity , equitable distribution of wealth , and public responsibility for citizens unable to avail themselves of the minimal provisions for a good life. Marshall described the modern welfare state as a distinctive combination of democracy , welfare , and capitalism. As a type of mixed economy , the welfare state funds the governmental institutions for health care and education along with direct benefits given to individual citizens. The modern welfare state emerged in a reactive way to the Great Depression of the s as a form of state interventionism to address unemployment, lost output and collapse of the financial system. By the late s, the contemporary capitalist welfare state began to decline, in part due to the economic crisis of post-World War II capitalism and Keynesianism and in part due to the lack of a well-articulated ideological foundation for the welfare state. The German term sozialstaat "social state" has been used since to describe state support programs devised by German sozialpolitiker "social politicians" and implemented as part of Bismarck's conservative reforms. The literal English equivalent "social state" did not catch on in Anglophone countries.

Although socioeconomic inequalities in health have long been observed in Europe, few studies have analysed their recent patterning. In this paper, we examined how educational inequalities in self-reported health have evolved in different European countries and welfare state regimes over the last decade, which was troubled by the Great Recession. We then regressed the year- and country-specific RII and SII on a yearly time trend, globally and by welfare regime, adjusting for country fixed effects. We further adjusted the analysis for the economic cycle using GDP growth, unemployment, and income inequality. Adjustment for income inequality only explained such trend in Anglo-Saxon countries. Educational inequalities in health have overall persisted across European countries over the last decade.

The Role of European Welfare States in Explaining Resources Deprivation

Even before the pandemic, youth unemployment in the European Union was three times higher than among the overs. By: Monika Grzegorczyk and Guntram B. Click here to access the full infographic dashboard about the impact of Covid on youth unemployment in Europe. Youth unemployment increased dramatically in several European Union countries during the Global Financial Crisis. It took several years before youth unemployment rates came down to, or fell below, pre-crisis levels.

In a previous paper in this journal Headey etal. Themain conclusion was that the Social-Democraticwelfare state performed best on nearly allsocial and economic indicators that wereapplied. That paper was based on the ten-yeardatasets drawn from the national socio-economicpanel studies.

This paper investigates public attitudes toward welfare state policies as a result of both situational, i. The dependent variables are public support for the sick and the old as well as for the unemployed as target beneficiaries of welfare state policies. Findings indicate that the National level is important in shaping public attitudes toward welfare state policies in industrialized nations, and that both situational and ideological factors play a role. Apparently, various nations generate different public beliefs about national social problems and about the relationship between individuals, the state and other institutions. Eventually, these understandings and beliefs influence popular attitudes regarding what kind of policies the state should pursue, and who should benefit.

Flexicurity - a European Approach to Labour Market Policy


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