Violent Behavior As Related To Use Of Marijuana And Other Drugs Full Pdf

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violent behavior as related to use of marijuana and other drugs full pdf

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We conducted a systematic review that examined the link between individual drug categories and violent outcomes. We searched for primary case-control and cohort investigations that reported risk of violence against others among individuals diagnosed with drug use disorders using validated clinical criteria, following Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis guidelines.

Violent Behavior as Related to Use of Marijuana and Other Drugs

To date, 27 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws easing marijuana control. This paper examines the relationship between the legalization of medical marijuana, depenalization of possession, and the incidence of non-drug crime. These effects are supported by null results for crimes unrelated to the cannabis market and are consistent with the supply-side effects of medicinal use that are absent from depenalization laws as well as existing evidence on the substitution between marijuana and alcohol. The findings contribute new evidence to the complex debate surrounding marijuana policy and the war on drugs. See Associated Press for estimates of the total cost of the war on drugs from documents obtained with Freedom of Information Act requests. During this same ongoing war against drugs, state-level cannabis policy has been increasingly liberalized.

School-Based Drug Abuse Prevention: Promising and Successful Programs

Drugs and violence co-occur, but there are a number of different reasons they co-occur and to assume direct pharmacological mechanisms is to over-simplify. The drug most consistently found to elicit aggression is alcohol; however, research also demonstrates that alcohol is more likely to provoke aggression in individuals who are already predisposed to behave in an aggressive manner. Recent research indicates that benzodiazepine use and aggression indeed co-occur; again, however, research suggests that those with a preexisting risk of aggression are at greater risk for the aggression-eliciting effects of these drugs. The effects of cannabis on aggression may be dose dependent, with low doses of cannabis contributing towards greater aggression than high doses; that being said, cannabis-dependent individuals may be at greatest risk of behaving Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

What is phencyclidine (PCP), or angel dust?

Prevention programs often are designed to enhance "protective factors" and to reduce "risk factors. Risk factors are those that make drug use more likely. Research asserts that for individuals who begin using illicit substances at an early age, several risk factors may increase the likelihood of continued and problematic use in later ages, when substance-related crime becomes much more likely.

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Originally developed in the s as a surgical anesthetic, the drug was soon discontinued after it was found to cause agitation and mania, hallucinations, and irrational thinking in patients following its use. The psychiatric effects vary widely, but it is considered dangerous, and its use has been linked to violent and aggressive actions, psychosis , and a risk of accidental death. An overdose can be life-threatening. PCP appeared on the market in the s as an anesthetic and tranquilizer known as Sernyl.

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    In November , Colorado and Washington approved ballot initiatives that legalized marijuana for recreational use under state law.