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Service design is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between the service provider and its users. Service design may function as a way to inform changes to an existing service or create a new service entirely.

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Chapter-9 - Service Innovation and Design

Woven into the Service Innovation Handbook are 14 methods and 3 recipes suggesting how to combine them. You can download them at the bottom of this page. There exist many other such toolkits and methods decks, many of which are much more comprehensive than this collection. In no way should this selection be seen as the ultimate list of activities that managers need to carry out. Rather, these methods rooted in design practice, to be used by managers, analysts and designers who do not yet have the resources to bring in specialists who are skilled at using this approach. Accompanying each method is a worked example, to help readers understand how the method and associated template can be used at the early stage of designing an innovative service. They are not rigid frameworks to be followed, but rather guides to help order idea generation and developing a shared understanding about issues and opportunities to address them.

Leveraging service design as a multidisciplinary approach to service innovation

Challenges of Service Innovation and Design Because services are largely intangible and process oriented such as hospital stay, cricket lesson, a football game or a sophisticated information technology consulting service , they are difficult to describe and communicate. Because services are delivered by employees to customers, they are variable. Rarely are two services are alike or experienced in the same way. Because services cannot be touched, examined or easily tried out, people have historically resorted to words in their efforts to describe them. Incompleteness: In describing services, people tend to omit details or elements of the service with which they are not familiar. Subjectivity: Any one person describing a service in words will be biased by personal experience and degree exposure to the service.

This paper aims to provide an understanding of innovative service design processes by comparing service design logic with the entrepreneurial logics of causation, effectuation and bricolage CEB. The paper draws upon empirical data to show how both service design logic and entrepreneurship logics may help us to create more innovative service design outcomes. In this process, we hope to understand how the creation of value enters into the service innovation process through co-creation between customers, organisations, ecosystem members and society. Data used within this paper includes deep qualitative interviews with key stakeholders, written documents and participative observation. From our analysis, we develop a model of service innovation design that shows how design logics and entrepreneurial logics influence the development of new and innovative services.

Keywords: Service; Service Thinking; Service Design; Innovation; Service Innovation (​pdf).

Service design

Service design is a multidisciplinary approach that plays a key role in fostering service innovation. However, the lack of a comprehensive understanding of its multiple perspectives hampers this potential to be realized. Through an activity theory lens, the purpose of this paper is to examine core areas that inform service design, identifying shared concerns and complementary contributions. The study involved a literature review in two stages, followed by a qualitative study based on selected focus groups. The first literature review identified core areas that contribute to service design.

Western economies are highly dependent on service innovation for their growth and employment. An important driver for economic growth is, therefore, the development of new, innovative services like electronic services, mobile end-user services, new financial or personalized services. Service innovation joins four trends that currently shape the western economies: the growing importance of services, the need for innovation, changes in consumer and business markets, and the advancements in information and communication technology ICT. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

Especially in advanced economies, services increasingly dominate economic output and employment, and even manufacturing firms typically provide multiple services. But services are different from physical and digital products. Innovation processes therefore need to adjust to, and take account of, the specific characteristics of services, not least their intangible and highly perishable nature. Much less is known about new service development than the management of physical and digital product innovation, but the literature is growing rapidly.

A model of service design elements to understand innovative service processes

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Service design

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