Pulse Width Modulation Analysis And Performance In Multilevel Inverters Pdf

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pulse width modulation analysis and performance in multilevel inverters pdf

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Currently, induction motors are widely used in industry because have a high potential for efficiency improvement. Therefore, a topic of interest to the industry is to reduce the energy consumption of induction motors, as they represent almost half of the total electrical energy consumption in the world. The energy consumption of electric motors can be reduced by using motors that are more efficient and by using power converters to feed the motors, thereby enabling accurate control according to the load. The function of the power converter is to modify the intrinsic characteristics of the induction motor speed and torque. There are different topologies of the power converter commonly called inverter for induction motors. An inverter requires a modulation strategy for its operation, there are several modulation strategies that are used in the induction converter-motor assembly.

Multilevel Inverters: A Comparative Study of Pulse Width Modulation Techniques

Gupta and S. Power Energy Syst. Jain and K. Babaei and M. Sabahi, E.

To operate the individual switch in symmetrical and asymmetrical RSMLI, logical operators are used to produce required pulse sequence from the sequence of PWM method and their analysis is not present in previous works. The proposed methodology can be applied to PV systems for efficient operation. The proposed methodology and binary representation of PWM method are analyzed on various RSMLIs for seven-level output voltage to operate each individual switch. RSMLIs are also designed by symmetric and asymmetric voltage sources with and without H bridge circuits. RSMLIs are proposed to achieve cost minimization, optimal voltage stress, reduced power losses, switching frequency operations, and less harmonic distortions.

Multilevel Inverters: A Comparative Study of Pulse Width Modulation Techniques

Show all documents This paper presents a comparative study of nine level diode clamped inverter for constant Switching frequency of sinusoidal Pulse width Modulation and sinusoidal Natural Pulse width Modulation with switching frequency. Some limitations were faced with the basic topologies, such as the deviating voltage of neutral-point voltage in diode clamped inverter and unbalanced voltage in the DC-link of the flying capacitor. In recent years, industry has started demanding high power equipments up to megawatt level.

In order to realize nine-level inverter, conventional SVPWM requires lookup tables, which is difficult to realize in the form of lookup tables, but the proposed technique does not require any lookup tables in the process of SVPWM realization, and it is generalized algorithm for any inverter levels. Hence, the system memory requirement is very less. The proposed modulation technique improves the nature of inverter output voltage and its total harmonic distortion value. A comparative analysis is performed with classical pulse width modulation PWM techniques like sinusoidal PWM and third harmonic injection PWM at different modulation indices.

This book offers a general approach to pulse width modulation techniques and multilevel inverter topologies. The multilevel inverters can be approximately compared to a sinusoidal waveform because of their increased number of direct current voltage levels, which provides an opportunity to eliminate harmonic contents and therefore allows the utilization of smaller and more reliable components. On the other side, multilevel inverters require more components than traditional inverters and that increases the overall cost of the system. The various algorithms for multilevel neutral point clamped inverter fed induction motor are proposed and implemented, and the results are analyzed.


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