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various security forces and agencies and their mandate in india pdf

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Special forces of India

Indian law is enforced by a number of agencies. Like many federal nations , the constitution of India delegates the maintenance of law and order primarily to the states and territories. At the federal level, some of India's paramilitary forces are part of the Ministry of Home Affairs and support the states. Larger cities have police forces under their respective state police. The central agencies are controlled by the central government.

Various Security Forces and Agencies and Their Mandate

There are external and internal threats to the security of India and different specialized forces of India deal with these threats. The external threats are handled often by the Armed Forces under the Ministry of Defense, while internal threats are managed by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The defence forces Indian Armed Force are the primary force responsible for the security of the country, and they come under the authority of the Ministry of Defense. There are many divisions of Central Armed Police Force, which deal with internal threats. Apart from the paramilitary forces, there are intelligence and investigation agencies in India , which are handled in an earlier post. The Ministry of Home Affairs MHA has multifarious responsibilities, important among them being internal security, management of para-military forces, border management, Centre-State relations, administration of Union Territories, disaster management, etc. Take a Free Test.

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Various Security Forces and Agencies and Their Mandate is a topic in UPSC Civil Services Mains GS Paper 3. There There are external and internal threats to the security of India and different Print Friendly, PDF & Email.

Law enforcement in India

Since indian borders are vulnerable this is important for preparation. Serious aspirants who need this course in particular can request special entry to this course using option below. Indian Army.

India has several special forces SF units. The three branches of the Indian Armed Forces have separate special forces units, viz. Research and Analysis Wing , the external Intelligence agency of India, has separate special forces under its control, namely the Special Group and the Special Frontier Force. An impromptu commando unit called Meghdoot Force, which took part in the war, formed the first nucleus of the permanent Para commando battalion which was to be raised under the Parachute Regiment. By , the unit had grown into 2 battalions, viz.

It is a two stage exam consisting of:. Civil Services Preliminary Examination objective type for the selection of candidates for the Main Examination. The first stage of the exam i. Marks secured in Preliminary Exam are not taken into account while preparing the final merit. It has questions broadly covering the following topics carrying a maximum of marks to be solved in 2 hours.

Topic : Various Security forces and agencies and their mandate.

UPSC Syllabus 2021 - Civil Services Syllabus 2021 for Prelims, Mains

Following this episode, the Defence Minister had effectively reduced the already bleak chances of India becoming a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group. However, in the current situation, it matters very little for India as it already has the necessary benefits it needs to expand and operate its nuclear programme. The NIA amendment bill, has been passed in both the houses of the parliament and is waiting for the …. This bill, if made into a law, will replace the already existing Unlawful Activity Prevention Act,

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