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Identify and diagnose common plant nutrient deficiency and toxicity symptoms 2.

Mobile and Immobile Nutrients

Excerpts from Jim Conrad's Naturalist Newsletter. My friend Eric provided me with seeds, the seeds germinated, I planted them months ago, and then after an initial spurt of fast development, the plants almost stopped growing and began looking malnourished.

Now all my seedlings have died except one, and it doesn't look so healthy. You can see it below:. Two things to notice: First, the lower leaflets display "interveinal chlorosus. The term "interveinal" just means "between the veins," so the interveinal chlorosus in our plant is shown by the network of dark green veins in otherwise yellowish leaflets. The second thing to notice is that the lower, older leaflets are displaying interveinal chlorosus, but the upper, newer ones are more evenly darker green.

These two facts were very important when I began to diagnose my Ackee seedling's problems. My diagnoses was based on the fact that some plant nutrients are mobile while others are immobile. First of all, 17 elements are recognized as vital to plant growth. Of these, 14 must be dissolved in soil water in order to be taken up by root. Of these 14, three are used in relatively large quantities, and are considered "primary plant nutrients.

The eight remaining elements are "micronutrients," needed in small quantities, but nonetheless they are essential. Some of these 17 elements can be moved around inside the plant, and are considered mobile; others have to stay where they are originally placed.

If a growing plant is suffering a nutrient deficiency, it wants to scavenge its limited supply of that element from old leaves and sent to its more efficiently photosynthesizing new growth, but it can move only its mobile nutrients.

Our Ackee seedling has shifted mobile nutrients from its older, lower leaves, causing interveinal chlorosus there, to produce its darker, greener, newer upper leaves. Since our little Ackee has moved its nutrients from below to above, and this caused the lower leaves' interveinal chlorosus, the Ackee is having problems with one or more mobile nutrients. Nitrogen deficiency normally causes a uniform chlorosus, not chlorosus just between the veins. Phosphorus deficiency normally results in deep green foliage, not chlorosus.

Potassium deficiency produces a brief chlorosus at the tip and margins of old leaves. Magnesium deficiency causes interveinal chlorosus on older leaves So, we may have Magnesium deficiency.

A couple of other nutrients, Sulfur and Molybdenum, are partially mobile. However, Sulfur causes a general chlorosus and death necrosis of young leaves, and Molybdenum causes a narrow chlorotic band around the leaf margin, developing into necrosis, so it's neither of those. We're led to Magnesium but there's another consideration. Nutrient availability can be affected by such things as a low pH acid soil , low temperatures, water-clogged soil, and soil compaction.

Of these, in our case soil compaction is a real possibility, since our limestone-based, clayey soil compacts very easily. I read that the best way to treat garden plants showing Magnesium deficiency is to spray the leaves with a solution containing Epsom salts. Applying compost to soil reduces the possibilities of Magnesium deficiency.

Mobile and Immobile Nutrients

The terms "Mobile and immobile nutrients" refer to the transportability of these substances within the plant. This classification is primarily oriented on terrestrial plants - in aquatic plants the transportability may be somewhat different for some substances, as these plants? All in all, however, a classification is possible anyway that can give clues as to the deficient nutrient. Mobile nutrients are nitrogen in the form of nitrate, phosphorus P in the form of phosphate, potassium K , magnesium Mg , chlorine Cl , zinc Zn and molybdene Mo. If there is a deficiency of mobile nutrients, the symptoms are first seen in the older leaves, as the nutrients are transported to new growth from there. Deficiencies of immobile nutrients first appear in the new growth as the plant was unable to take up sufficient amounts to transport them to the new shoots. Mobilty or immobility is always relative, plants can transport immobile nutrients to other areas by making use of chelators.

14 Essential Plant Nutrients. Carbon & Oxygen derived from the air. Macro and Micronutrients. Mobile Nutrients. Nutrients that move to areas where it.

Visual Symptoms: A Handy Tool in Identifying Nutrient Deficiency in Row Crops

There are 13 nutrients that are vital for plants to grow and thrive Table 1. These can be divided into macro-nutrients, elements of which plants require large quantities, and micro-nutrients elements that are required by the plant in smaller amounts. A micronutrient, though required in small doses, is not less vital for plant growth. The availability and mobility of these 13 plant nutrients in the soil and in the plant itself is highly variable, and this has implications for responsibly managing plant nutrition, fertilization and irrigation. The mobility of plant nutrients in soil influences their uptake and their susceptibility to leaching, volatilization and runoff.

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Excerpts from Jim Conrad's Naturalist Newsletter.

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    Plant growth and development depends on nutrients derived from the soil or air, or supplemented through fertilizer.

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