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Our experts prepared these OBIEE interview questions to accommodate freshers level to most experienced level technical interviews. Suppose I have report which is running for about 3 minutes typically. What is the first step you take to improve the performance of the query?

There are a lot of opportunities for many reputed companies in the world. This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain.

OBIEE Interview Questions

There are a lot of opportunities for many reputed companies in the world. This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain. SQL is constructed by the user and it is passed to an analytic engine. Then the data is recovered back to the analytical engine and it is presented to the services related to the presentation. Ans: In the case of OBIEE 11g, reports can be sort in by the process of selecting the modify option and then clicking on the sort option which there in the column that is relevant in a pane of criteria.

It is done by clicking on the modify request option and the following Narrative view. After this, it is advised to give 1 for the result of the first column and 2 for the second column and many more. Also, there is the option of giving a heading in case of no result that is done by clicking on the view that is narrative.

It can be done by selecting the administration and also Manage dashboard option. After this add a column selector that will help in creating the dashboard that is interactive. It also helps in viewing reports. You can do this by simply selecting the request that is a direct database and it is present underneath the area involving the subject.

First, you have to come down to the bottom of a page from the pane of criteria of the repository is created that is present in the first area of the subject. Then click on the option of combine request. This procedure will help you in creating a report of two areas of the subject.

Ans: To put changes to production from development, in case of RPD you can make use of the option of merge that is present in the admin tool. In the case of reports and dashboard, you can use the framework of the content accelerator to port the changes.

First, it is the repository variable that is used in case of the entire repository. Secondly, it is the session variable that is again of two kinds. One is the non-system variable and another one is the system variable. And those filters which are defined by users are mainly considered as non-system variables.

Ans: For the system level, under the cache section, the enable option is used. And in case of table level, for enabling the cache then the repository that is used for offline mode should be opened. Remember thus repository must not be the present repository. After this, you can select the disable or enable an option for the cache.

Ans: First, you have to check whether the table already exists or not. If it exists then you can add a physical layer. After this, you can select the BMM option and then select the presentation later. After this, you have to make sure to reload the metadata of the serve. The added column will become visible for every user. Ans: If a user is serious wants to just change the column heading of the report then the user should make use of the session variable.

Ans: For the purpose of creating elf joins, a table alias is utilized. The process of creating a table alias is that you have to first right click on the table of the physical layer and then you can click on the alias. You have to right-click on the dimension table. Then create a dimension. After this, the hierarchy and levels can be defined manually. Ans: The method of containing a measure which is held on a particular level of dimension is referred to as Level base metrics.

Quarterly sales or monthly sales in one such example of metrics that are level based. In order for creating metrics that are level based, you need to first make a new column that is logical and it should be based on original measures.

After this, you have to drag and then drop this new column accordingly. Presentation layer. Ans: The process with the help a system gives confirmation is known as authentication. The various types of authentication are. Authentication of LDAP. Ans: There may be a situation in which there is a need for connecting two tables that have no relation to them.

In this case, another table is used that helps in connecting the other two tables. This third table is known as a bridge table that has the same columns as present in the other two tables. Ans: The metadata information is stored in the repository. The Siebel repository is known as a file system which has the repository file extensions of file. Metadata repository. The rules which are connected with data modelling, connectivity, aggregate navigation and security and caching are stored in the repositories of the metadata.

This happens with Siebel Analytical server. Several repositories can be accessed with the help of Siebel analytics server. Also, each repository of metadata is able to store several business models. First, there is a collection of requirements related to business.

Then source system recognition is achieved. For the purpose of loading to DW in case, there is no existence of source data then you have to plan an ETL. The repository is then built. The dashboard is built or you can use answers in case of reporting. After this, you have to make a decision on aggregation and also on caching mechanisms. This should performance basis. The final step is testing. Ans: The five parts those are included in the architecture of Siebel.

The analytical model which is made with the help of the administration tool of Siebel analytics is represented by Metadata. The physical layer which used for mentioning the sources of data 2. The business layer is used for copying the sources of data into dimensions and facts.

A presentation layer that is used for specifying the view of the users regarding the model. It also allows the user to make an examination of the tool of repository Metadata.

Also, the relation between certain objects of Metadata is examined by this. The objects generally consist of in which column of the presentation later should map with which table of the physical layer.

Ans: The stages that are present in a certain valuation, contract, economics etc. Ans: Use the option scheduler that will help you in generating triggers reports that are time-based. Ans: There are mainly two folders known as the prompts and reports. Ans: You can stop a report run of dashboard automatically by selecting the cancel button.

Ans: The term JDK stands for Java development kit which is basically a package of software that consists of tools which are required for writing, compiling, debugging and also for running Java applets.

Ans: It is defined as a repository file which is also known as rapid file database. ETL Plan is to design the flow of the metadata. Ans: To import metadata from an excel sheet we need to create a driver for excel data source. This can be achieved by using the following steps. Ans: The Query repository tool gives the option to search and analyse the data from the database according to the name, type and other attributes that are describing the database.

The relationship between the different view layer data and the corresponding physical layer columns. The opaque views make the logical understanding simple for implementation but there are heavy performance constraints. They are only used when there is no other way to get to the final solution. After the report generation sessions, you can easily view the log to map each request to the corresponding tables and databases. Ans: The presentation layer is dependent on the database that is underlying in each server.

Therefore the presentation layer alone cannot be migrated as a stand-alone aspect of the database. What we can do instead is have an ODBC or similar database connection established across from the different servers to the particular main system and then carry over the presentation semantics from the other server with that database oriented changes in the logic layer. The Data level security imposed according to data in a certain column can be used to limit access depending on the regions.

The Siebel Analytics admin tool will give you control over user access to the different data according to conditions supplied by you. Ans: Creation of the logical column on the higher level of the dashboard will have an effect on the tables only on that view level and not on the other dashboards and other requests.

The logical columns created on the repository level will, in turn, gets its effect on all the other requests and reports from different view levels. So it is always preferable to have the logical column created at the repository level. Ans: The Siebel Analytics server can be deployed as a stand alone system or can be deployed as an integrated service which interfaces and communicates to the different Analytics server.

The external tables and LDAP offer the other possibilities. The userID and password for user authentication are stored in the external table.

The information on different tables and the access information for each user are stored in this external table. The other way is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. This is similar to imposing an access limitation to all the different directories and folders thereby having the limitations to the data viewable for the different users.

Ans: There are two types of variables, namely the session variables and the repository variables.

50 Important OBIEE Interview Questions with answers | OBIEE Interview Questions and Answers

Explore Now! These questions and answers are suitable for both freshers and experienced professionals at any level. Its proven architecture and common infrastructure producing and delivering enterprise reports, dashboards, ad-hoc analysis, and OLAP analysis provide a rich end-user experience. It contains following information:. Physical layer joins are called as physical joins and attributes can be joined using either equal operator or using any expression.

Wisdomjobs will provide you the list of subject-specific questions frequently asked during the interview. Its general infrastructure delivering and producing enterprise reports, dashboards, scorecards, ad-hoc analysis, and OLAP analysis provides a wealthy end-user experience. Question 1. Mention What Is Obiee? It is a business intelligence system for the enterprise that delivers abilities for reporting, online analytical processing OLAP , ad hoc query and analysis dashboards, and scorecards. Question 2. Question 3.

OBIEE Interview Questions and Answers

Ans: By clicking on Administration and Manage dashboards and by adding a column selector we can create an interactive Dashboard. Ans: We can give a column as updatable and then view the reports, this option is called write-back option. By this, we can create reports from two subject areas.

Top Obiee Interview Questions And Answers

It is a business intelligence system for the enterprise that delivers abilities for reporting, online analytical processing OLAP , ad hoc query and analysis dashboards, and scorecards. Presentation server : The presentation server is responsible to convert the request comes from end user to logical SQL and sends it to Oracle BI Server. Oracle BI server : The main task of Oracle BI server is converting the logical sql to Physical sql so that database will understand the sql. Oracle BI server converts the logical sql to physical sql so that database syntactically identifies the query and send it to the Database. The sources must be modeled as snowflakes or star schema for efficient result In the case of multiple sources connecting directly in OBIEE, it has to be used.

There are many ways to extract the sql: a. You will find the SQL for that User. By clicking modify request and Narrative View and by giving 1 for the first column result and 2 for the 2nd column and so on and we can also give a heading for No Results by clicking the Narrative view. Interview Questions.

How will you create Interactive Dashboards? What is write-back in obiee? Click on modify and then click on sort order by icon on the relevant column in the criteria pane. By clicking modify request and Narrative View and by giving 1 for the first column result and 2 for the 2nd column and so on and we can also give a heading for No Results by clicking the Narrative view. By clicking on Administration and Manage dashboards and by adding column selector we can create interactive Dashboard.

24) Mention how you will change the port of Obiee? You can change port of Obiee by changing its port in · Download PDF.

OBIEE Interview Questions & Answers

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It is a business intelligence system for the enterprise that delivers abilities for reporting, online analytical processing OLAP , ad hoc query and analysis dashboards, and scorecards. The client component is further divided into web-based obiee client and non-web based client. Sources like Relational Databases, Cubes or Flat files can be connected to Obiee with following constraints,. LTS or Logical Table Source is created when you drag and drop a column from a table that is not presently being used in your logical table. A physical table containing such column is referred as LTS. A session variable can be a system variable and non-system variable.

Views 9 Downloads 1 File size KB. So, in simple words it is a report generation tool such as crystal reports. What Business Intelligence BI means by definition? It is a protocol and a technique to analyze and report about the state of the business data at a particular time. Two types exist and these are the repository variables and session variables.

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