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crystal oscillator design and temperature compensation pdf

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An engineer's introduction to concepts, algorithms, and advancements in Digital Signal Processing. This lucidly written resource makes extensive use of real-world examples as it covers all the important design and engineering references. Basic Oscillator Theory. Methods of Design. Experimental Method of Design.

Precision TCXO (Crystal Oscillator)

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Date Author Haney, Mark Allan. Metadata Show full item record. Abstract For decades, the quartz crystal has been used for precise frequency control. In the increasingly popular field of wireless communications, available frequency spectrum is becoming very limited, and therefore regulatory agencies have imposed tight frequency stability requirements.

There are generally two techniques for controlling the stability of a crystal oscillator with temperature variations of the environment. They are temperature control and temperature compensation. Temperature control involves placing the sensitive components of an oscillator in a temperature stable chamber. Usually referred to as an oven-controlled crystal oscillator OCXO , this technique can achieve very good stability over wide temperature ranges.

Nevertheless, its use in miniature battery powered electronic devices is significantly limited by drawbacks such as cost, power consumption, and size. Temperature compensation, on the other hand, entails using temperature dependent circuit elements to compensate for shifts in frequency due to changes in ambient temperature.

A crystal oscillator that uses this frequency stabilization technique is referred to as a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator TCXO. With little added cost, size, and power consumption, a TCXO is well suited for use in portable devices. This paper presents the theory of temperature compensation, and a procedure for designing a TCXO and predicting its performance over temperature.

The equivalent electrical circuit model and frequency stability characteristics for the AT-cut quartz crystal are developed. An oscillator circuit topology is introduced such that the crystal is operated in parallel resonance with an external capacitance, and equations are derived that express the frequency stability of the crystal oscillator as a function of the crystal's capacitive load. This relationship leads to the development of the theory of temperature compensation by a crystal's external load capacitance.

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Design Technique for Analog Temperature Compensation of Crystal Oscillators

Product status. Product height is maximum value. PDF flyers for product lineup and new product information are available. Product list that have been discontinued, are planning to discontinue, or are NRND. TCXO Temperature compensated crystal oscillator is a type of crystal oscillator. TCXOs provide a stable clock signal with a temperature compensated circuit and a Crystal unit with good performance over a wide temperature range. Search by specifications Discontinued Products Information.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. A Study of Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator Based on Stress Processing Abstract: The most temperature compensated crystal oscillators must use compensation circuits and always based on fundamental crystals. We combine the different characteristics of quartz crystal including frequency-temperature characteristics and frequency-stress characteristics, with the influence of stress on the frequency of crystal blank to compensate the temperature influence on the frequency of crystal. A lot of experiments have been done to prove that with stress processing the frequency - temperature performance of overtone crystals can be improved obviously.

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TCXO (Temperature compensated crystal oscillator)

This review presents various ways of detection of different physical quantities based on the frequency change of oscillators using piezoelectric crystals. These are influenced by the reactance changes modifying their electrical characteristics. Reactance in series, in parallel, or a combination of reactances can impact the electrical crystal substitute model by influencing its resonant oscillation frequency. In this way, various physical quantities near resonance can be detected with great sensitivity through a small change of capacitance or inductance. A piezoelectric crystal impedance circle and the mode of frequency changing around the resonant frequency change are shown.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Date Author Haney, Mark Allan.

Data obtained by precision measurements of voltages on varicap diodes for the same oscillator frequencies over the operating temperature range are used for calculating values of the NTC thermistors and resistors. The method of realisation of TCXOs in thick film hybrid technology was developed and verified on prototypes. From these data the values of resistors and NTC thermistors were calculated. A computer program was used to minimise frequency instability error as a function of six parameters resistance.

Youcanview an example of sucha circuit below. PDF format. PDF with derivation of equation; Crystal. Quartz Crystal resonators will be discussed in more details later.

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Crystal Oscillator with Temperature Compensation Realised in Thick Film Technology