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Cited by Energy-optimal trajectory problems in relative motion solved via Theory of Functional Connections. Analytical sensitivity computation using collocation method with non-uniform mesh discretisation for numerical solutions of optimal control problems.

Kenta Oshima. Nonlinear Earth orbit control using low-thrust propulsion. State-dependent indirect pseudospectral method for nonlinear optimal control problems. Explicit multiobjective model predictive control for nonlinear systems with symmetries. Sean M. Ping Lu. Introduction to Optimisation. Computational Techniques for Nonlinear Optimal Control. Technology of Orbit Design. Fundamentals of Synthesized Optimal Control.

Direct method for solution variational problems by using Hermite polynomials. Hybrid optimization of low-thrust many-revolution trajectories with coasting arcs and longitude targeting for propellant minimization. Shape-based approach for solar sail trajectory optimization. Low-thrust trajectory design in low-energy regimes using variational equations. A segmented and weighted adaptive predictor-corrector guidance method for the ascent phase of hypersonic vehicle.

Battery package design optimization for small electric aircraft. Minimum curvature trajectory planning and control for an autonomous race car. Spacecraft close-range trajectory planning via convex optimization and multi-resolution technique. Rigid spacecraft robust optimal attitude stabilization under actuator misalignments.

Environmental benefits in terms of fuel efficiency and noise when introducing continuous climb operations as part of terminal airspace operation. Trajectory optimization with constraints for alpine skiers based on multi-phase nonlinear optimal control. Taylor P. Carson III. Comparison of dual based optimization methods for distributed trajectory optimization of coupled semi-batch processes. Rigid spacecraft robust adaptive attitude Stabilization Using state-dependent indirect Chebyshev pseudospectral method.

Guidance command generation and nonlinear dynamic inversion control for reusable launch vehicles. A direct transcription-based multiple shooting formulation for dynamic optimization. A review of industrial tracking control algorithms. Stephen A. A robust pseudospectral method for numerical solution of nonlinear optimal control problems.

Trajectory optimization of aerial slung load release for piloted helicopters. An indirect approach for singular optimal control problems. Model predictive control of a collaborative manipulator considering dynamic obstacles. A novel approach for optimal trajectory design with multiple operation modes of propulsion system, part 1.

An efficient fast altitude control for hypersonic vehicle. An improved solution method via the pole-transformation process for the maximum-crossrange problem. A novel approach for optimal trajectory design with multiple operation modes of propulsion system, part 2. Mathematical optimization in enhancing the sustainability of aircraft trajectory: A review. How Many Impulses Redux. Optimization of variable-specific-impulse gravity-assist trajectories via optimality-preserving transformation.

Optimal energy management for hybrid-electric aircraft. A multiple-shooting differential dynamic programming algorithm. Part 1: Theory.

Learning Control Policies from Optimal Trajectories. Time-optimal memetic whale optimization algorithm for hypersonic vehicle reentry trajectory optimization with no-fly zones. A numerical method based on the complementarity and optimal control formulations for solving a family of zero-sum pursuit-evasion differential games. Comparison of the Legendre—Gauss pseudospectral and Hermite—Legendre—Gauss—Lobatto methods for low-thrust spacecraft trajectory optimization.

Solving the motion planning problem using learning experience through case-based reasoning and machine learning algorithms. Interplanetary gravity-assist fuel-optimal trajectory optimization with planetary and Solar radiation pressure perturbations. Adaptive mesh refinement method for solving optimal control problems using interpolation error analysis and improved data compression.

A survey of underwater docking guidance systems. A novel metamodel management strategy for robust trajectory design of an expendable launch vehicle.

Yunus M. Isaac E. Matthew T. Ehsan Taheri. Variational Contact-Implicit Trajectory Optimization. Literature Overview. Overview of Trajectory Optimization Techniques. Polynomial-based method for determining coast-terminating zero of fuel-optimal time-fixed trajectory.

On optical data-guided optimal control simulations of human motion. Power management technology. Optimal hub selection for rapid medical deliveries using unmanned aerial vehicles. Modeling and simulation of musculoskeletal system of human lower limb based on tensegrity structure.

Low thrust Earth—Moon transfer trajectories via lunar capture set. Real-time control for fuel-optimal Moon landing based on an interactive deep reinforcement learning algorithm. A data-driven indirect method for nonlinear optimal control. Learning the optimal state-feedback via supervised imitation learning. Geometrical characteristics of optimal transfer between noncoplanar elliptical orbits.

Systematic low-thrust trajectory design to Mars based on a full Ephemeris modeling. Spiral-diving trajectory optimization for hypersonic vehicles by second-order cone programming.

Optimal energy-based 4D guidance and control for terminal descent operations. Consistent approximation of optimal control problems using Bernstein polynomials. Recent advances in unmanned aerial vehicles real-time trajectory planning. Some prospective criteria for non-unique solutions of ordinary differential equations.

Brice N. Optimal solar sail trajectory approximation with finite Fourier series. Rapid trajectory optimization for hypersonic entry using a pseudospectral-convex algorithm.

Fast preliminary design of low-thrust trajectories for multi-asteroid exploration. Parameterizations of data-driven nonlinear dynamic process models for fast scheduling calculations. Optimal motion planning of differential-drive mobile robots based on trapezoidal collocation method.

Contact-implicit trajectory optimization using variational integrators. Rapid ascent trajectory optimization for guided rockets via sequential convex programming. Methods of Orbital Maneuvering. Marc DiPrinzio. Trajectory optimization using quantum computing. Fast, robust and near-optimal approximation of GTO trajectories and payload capacities of multistage rockets.

Comparison between direct and indirect approach to solar sail circle-to-circle orbit raising optimization. An optimized analytical solution for geostationary debris removal using solar sails. Robust trajectory optimization using polynomial chaos and convex optimization.

Fuel-optimal control for soft lunar landing based on a quadratic regularization approach.

Survey of Numerical Methods for Trajectory Optimization

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Publications, Presentations, and Theses. Dan Simon Cleveland State University. Book Chapters. Kondratenko, P. Khalaf, H.

Advances in Missile Guidance, Control, and Estimation (Automation and Control Engineering) 1st Edition. by S.N. Balakrishnan (Editor), A. Tsourdos (Editor).

Advances in Missile Guidance Theory

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In statistics and control theory , Kalman filtering , also known as linear quadratic estimation LQE , is an algorithm that uses a series of measurements observed over time, containing statistical noise and other inaccuracies, and produces estimates of unknown variables that tend to be more accurate than those based on a single measurement alone, by estimating a joint probability distribution over the variables for each timeframe. The filter is named after Rudolf E. The Kalman filter has numerous applications in technology.

Advances in missile guidance control and estimation pdf to excel. Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing. Section Editor: Luiz Martins-Filho With the advancement of anti-missile technology, cooperative multi-missile attack and defense is attracting With respect to the cooperative guidance and control of multi-interceptors, Jeon et al.

See the Glog! Missile Guidance And Pursuit. Kinematics Dynamics And Control.

The V-2 German : Vergeltungswaffe 2 , "Retribution Weapon 2" , with the technical name Aggregat 4 A4 , was the world's first long-range [4] guided ballistic missile. The missile, powered by a liquid-propellant rocket engine, was developed during the Second World War in Germany as a " vengeance weapon " and assigned to attack Allied cities as retaliation for the Allied bombings against German cities. Research into military use of long-range rockets began when the graduate studies of Wernher von Braun attracted the attention of the German Army.

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