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effect of pest and insects on various food pdf

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Biological pest control

Sustainable Agriculture towards Food Security pp Cite as. Like abiotic stress, biotic stress plays a crucial role in loss of crop production worldwide. The damage caused by insect pest is one of the primary factors for reduced crop production. In this review, the production losses of major crops caused by insect pest have been discussed. There is an awareness and enthusiasm among farmers for taking plant protection measures. Introduction of new high-yielding varieties and hybrids with disease resistance towards insect pest is one of the major sustainable agricultural approaches. Pest and insect control is one of the unique ways to be departed from diseases.

Impact of Insects and Pests in loss of Crop Production: A Review

Biological control or biocontrol is a method of controlling pests such as insects , mites , weeds and plant diseases using other organisms. It can be an important component of integrated pest management IPM programs. There are three basic strategies for biological pest control: classical importation , where a natural enemy of a pest is introduced in the hope of achieving control; inductive augmentation , in which a large population of natural enemies are administered for quick pest control; and inoculative conservation , in which measures are taken to maintain natural enemies through regular reestablishment. Natural enemies of insect pests, also known as biological control agents, include predators, parasitoids , pathogens , and competitors. Biological control agents of plant diseases are most often referred to as antagonists. Biological control agents of weeds include seed predators, herbivores , and plant pathogens.

A pest is any animal or plant which has a harmful effect on humans, their food or their living conditions. Pests include animals which: carry disease-causing micro-organisms and parasites, for example, mosquitoes which carry Ross River virus and Murray Valley encephalitis. For example, rats and mice may eat grain in silos, rice or biscuits in shops and homes and contaminate this food with their faeces droppings and urine. For example, feral dogs dingoes kill or maim many sheep and goats each year; foxes will kill poultry, lambs and many species of native wildlife; and feral cats also prey on native wildlife. Silverfish, for example, eat holes in clothes. For example, termites can cause considerable damage to timber in buildings.

PDF | On Jun 19, , Ujagir R and others published Insect pests and their management | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate. stored products either directly or indirectly in their attempts to secure food. Insects developing grains to shrivel and severe infestation has a significant effect on the.

1 What is a pest?

Pests are defined as any harmful, noxious or troublesome organism. Common pests include insects, mites, rodents, fungi and weeds that wreak havoc on people, plants, animals or the ecology in general. Pests and their negative effects on people, pests are injurious to health. Pests can act as carriers for allergens which irritate people with sensitive medical conditions. This does not even include the bacteria that can be found on pests themselves.

Tomatoes were produced on farms in Mississippi in , with a total production of acres. Greenhouse production of tomatoes accounts for a further 83 farms and 6. Average tomato production area per farm is 0. Of farms reporting tomato production,

1 What is a pest?

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