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analog and digital communication questions and answers pdf

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Digital Communication & Electronics Interview Questions

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Devasena A. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. What is white noise? What is thermal noise? The small fluctuation in Energy are sufficient to produce small noise voltages in the conductor. These random fluctuations produced by the thermal agitation of the electrons are called thermal noise.

What is meant by figure of merit of a receiver? It may be equal to one, less than one or greater than one, depending on the type of modulated used. List the characteristics of Shot Noise. List the characteristics of white noise? Prepared by A. Give the expression for the thermal noise? List out the types of internal noise and external noise. Internal noise External noise Thermal noise Atmospheric noise Shot noise Extraterrestrial noise Transit time noise Man - made noise or industrial noise Miscellaneous internal noise 9.

What is the need for modulation? Mention the types of analog modulation. The types of analog modulation are: a Amplitude modulation b Angle Modulation Amplitude modulation is further classified into a. VSB : Vestigial Sideband e. Frequency modulation b. Phase modulation What are the different types of degrees of modulation?

The degrees of modulation are classified as a. If the maximum frequency of the signal is 5 kHz, determine the lower and upper side bands and the bandwidth of AM signal. Draw the frequency spectrum of AM signal and write the bandwidth of it. SSB telegraph system ii. Point to point radio telephone communication iii. Distinguish between FM and PM. List the advantages of FM over AM. The advantages of FM over AM are: i. The amplitude of FM is constant. Hence transmitter power remains constant in FM where it varies in AM.

Since amplitude of FM is constant, the noise interference is minimum in FM. Any noise superimposing on modulated carrier can be removed with the help of amplitude limiter. The depth of modulation has limitation in AM. But in FM, the depth of modulation can be increased to any value. Since guard bands are provided in FM, there is less possibility of adjacent channel interference.

Hence it is possible to operate several independent transmitters on same frequency with minimum interference. Define — Depth of Modulation Apr. Differentiate Phase Modulation from FM? Write the advantages and disadvantages of digital communication. A personal touch cannot be established because all the computers will have the same font b The establishment of Digital Communication causes degradation of the environment in some cases.

Draw the functional block diagram of digital communication system. What is linear modulation? In linear modulation technique the amplitude of the transmitted signal varies linearly with the modulating digital signal. It does not have a constant envelope. It is bandwidth efficient. What is nonlinear modulation? In non linear modulation the amplitude of the carrier is constant, regardless of the variation in the modulating signals.

The Nonlinear modulations may have either linear or constant envelopes depending on whether or not the baseband waveform is pulse shaped. List out some examples of linear modulation. Examples of linear modulation are i. State the advantages of QPSK. Variation in QPSK amplitude is not much. Hence carrier power remains constant 7. What is QPSK? The quadrature phase shift keying is a 4-ary PSK signal.

Two successive bits in the data sequence are grouped together. What is QAM? QAM Quadrature Amplitude Modulation is a modulation scheme which conveys data by modulating the amplitude of two carrier waves. What is quadrature modulation? Technique used to modulate two carriers is known as quadrature modulation. Some of quadrature modulation techniques are: i. Quadrature amplitude modulation ii. Phase-shift keying iii.

Minimum-shift keying. Define — M-ary Transmission System In digital modulations instead of transmitting one bit at a time, two or more bits are transmitted simultaneously. This is called M-ary transmission. It is differentially encoded and detected. Usually, either the even or the odd symbol is used to select points from one of the constellations and the other symbols select points from the other constellation. It uses 4 different values of the phase to transmit.

The amplitude of the data pulses are kept constant. The time alignment of the even or odd bit streams are offset by one bit period in offset QPSK. Bit transitions for the in-phase and the quadrature- phase components occur at different time instants. It is another way of improving the peak-to- average ratio in QPSK. What is meant by MSK? It is a spectrally efficient modulation scheme. Why GMSK is preferred for multiuser, cellular communications? GMSK is preferred for multiuser, cellular communications for the following reasons: i.

It is a simple binary modulation scheme ii. Premodulation is done by Gaussian pulse shaping filter, so side lobe levels are much reduced Prepared by A. In QPSK the phase changes by or In MSK the output waveform is continuous in phase hence, there is no abrupt changes in amplitude.

It is spectrally efficient modulation scheme What is the need of Gaussian filter? Gaussian filter is used before the modulator to reduce the transmitted bandwidth of the signal. It uses less bandwidth than conventional FSK. Mention some merits of MSK. Merits of MSK are: i. It has constant envelope, smoother waveforms than QPSK ii.

It has Relatively narrow bandwidth iii. Coherent detection is suitable for satellite communications iv. Side lobes are zero outside the frequency band, so it has resistance to co-channel interference

Digital Communication Gate Questions With Answers Pdf

Which one of the following statements about differential pulse code modulation DPCM is true? In a digital communication system, the overall pulse shape p t at the receiver before the sampler has the Fourier transformation P f. If the symbols are transmitted at the rate of symbols per second, for which of the following cases is the inter symbol interface zero? With a matched filter correlator based receiver, the smallest positive value of T in milliseconds required to have u 0 t and u 1 t uncorrelated is. A sinusoidal message signal is converted to a PCM signal using a uniform quantizer. Consider binary data transmission at a rate of 56 kbps using baseband binary pulse amplitude modulation PAM that is designed to have a raised-cosine spectrum.

The position is varied in accordance with the sampled modulating signal. In PPM, synchronization is required between the transmitter and the receiver. Large bandwidth is required in Pulse position Modulation as compared to the Pulse amplitude modulation. ANSWER: To remove noise Explanation: In pulse width modulation, the width of the carrier varies with the amplitude of the modulating signal at the time of sampling. The Schmitt trigger circuit is used to remove noise in the PWM waveform. This output is the supplied further for detection of the original information. ANSWER: Synchronization is not required between transmitter and receiver Explanation: In pulse width modulation, the width of the carrier varies with the amplitude of the modulating signal at the time of sampling.

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Analog and Digital Communication - EC8394, CS6304

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What are the disadvantages of Analog communication?

Digital communication is a means of communication in which the information is encoded digitally. Then the information is sent electrically as a signal to the recipient. Digital communication uses binary language that is 1s and 0s. Former represents the high value and the latter represents low values.

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Analog Communication - Electronic Engineering (MCQ) questions & answers

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