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In achieving and securing national interests, diplomacy always plays significant role.

Unpacking ‘National Interest’ and ‘Foreign Policy’

Prior to reformations that swept 16th century Europe, national interest was often understood as secondary to that of religion. To engage in a war, rulers would need to justify the action in such context. The practice is considered to have been employed by France under the direction of its Chief Minister Cardinal Richelieu in the Thirty Years' War when it intervened on the Protestant side, despite its own Catholicism , in order to block the increasing power of the Catholic Holy Roman Emperor. The notion of the national interest soon came to dominate European politics , which became fiercely competitive over the next centuries. It would become a form of reason "born of the calculation and the ruse of men," recognizing the state as "a knowing machine, a work of reason;" the state ceases to be derived from the divine order and is henceforth subject to its own particular necessities. Likewise, mercantilism can be seen as the economic justification of the aggressive pursuit of the national interest.

All the nations are always engaged in the process of fulfilling or securing the goals of their national interests. The foreign policy of each nation is formulated on the basis of its national interest and it is always at work for securing its goals. It is a universally accepted right of each state to secure its national interests. A state always tries to justify its actions on the basis of its national interest. The behaviour of a state is always conditioned and governed by its national interests.

Power and Wealth pp Cite as. This book is concerned with foreign policy, that is to say, with the use of different resources by states for achieving various kinds of gain in their relations with other states. Attention will be paid both to noneconomic foreign policy which primarily involves action designed to relate national purposes to the foreign political and military environment, and economic foreign policy which, in the main, serves the same function regarding the international economic environment. Analytically speaking, governments employ political and military means toward achieving economic as well as political and military ends; and they use economic means toward serving political and military as well as economic ends. Our principal focus is on these interrelationships. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

National Interest: Meaning, Components and Methods

While we are building a new and improved webshop, please click below to purchase this content via our partner CCC and their Rightfind service. You will need to register with a RightFind account to finalise the purchase. How can a developing, democratic and predominantly Muslim country like Indonesia manage its foreign relations, while facing a myriad of security concerns and dilemmas in the increasingly complex post-Cold War international politics, without compromising its national interests and sacrificing its independence? Approaching this problem from the vantage point of the Indonesian foreign policy elite, this book explores the elite's perceptions about other states and the manner in which these shape the decision-making process and determine policy outcomes. Among all state actors, Indonesian relations with the United States and China are the highest concern of the elite.

PDF | Realism stated that conflict or even war among countries are acceptable in order to achieve national interest. Such a view has become.

Foreign Policy and National Interest

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Theories of National Interest

The Impact of Media on Foreign Policy

National Interest pp Cite as. One of the gravest obstacles to a commonly acceptable definition of national interest is the fundamental disagreement between those who conceive it broadly and hence rather vaguely and those who try to pin it down to a number of concrete single interests, elements, factors, functions or dimensions; all these terms are used without clear distinction in a partly differentiated but mainly overlapping manner. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Advertisement Hide.

This essay offers an analysis of the effect that modern media have on the formation and exercise of foreign policy. To do this, I will follow a three dimensional structural approach, examining the levels of the man, the state and the system, while taking under consideration the interplay that takes place between them. Before proceeding to the examination of the influence that media have on foreign policy, it is of great importance, first, to clarify the conditions under which the states socialize within the current international system and, second, to define what foreign policy is. At this point, in order to avoid an endless argumentation over the concept of national interest, we will explain it on a dual scale conditional basis.

The approaches are strategically employed to interact with other countries. In recent times, due to the deepening level of globalization and transnational activities, states also have to interact with non-state actors. The aforementioned interaction is evaluated and monitored in an attempt to maximize benefits of multilateral international cooperation.

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Why Are National Interests Necessary?

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