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What is Social Development? Social change incorporates public concerns in developing social policy and economic initiatives. Until relatively recently, social development was conceived in terms of a set of desirable results - higher incomes, longer life expectancy, lower infant mortality, more and better education etc.

20.2 Sources of Social Change

This article questions whether transitional justice can deliver social change. The author discusses the importance of re-assessing expectations so that transitional justice processes and the legal framework that drives them, including international human rights law, are used to achieve what they are able to deliver. By classifying social change in three categories, namely: ordinary changes, structural changes and fundamental changes, the author argues that a fundamental social change happens when social struggle is able to put forward a new dominant ideology inspired by radically different values to those that allowed the repression or the conflict to take place. While it is not realistic to expect transitional justice to deliver development, democracy, rule of law or peace, the author argues, transitional justice, when properly conducted, can indeed contribute to deliver fundamental change but it cannot deliver it on its own. International human rights law has become one of the languages of social change of our time. Domestic systems have also been active in this area, engaging in the dynamic incorporation of such treaties and other international obligations into their domestic law.

The study of law and society rests on the belief that legal rules and decisions must be understood in context. Law is not autonomous, standing outside of the social world, but is deeply embedded within society. While political scientists recognize the fundamentally political nature of law, the law and society perspective takes this assumption several steps further by pointing to ways in which law is socially and historically constructed, how law both reflects and impacts culture, and how inequalities are reinforced through differential access to, and competence with, legal procedures and institutions. This article discusses the key characteristics of a law and society perspective, some of the major research contributions of this field, and recent developments in law and society that hold particular promise for scholars of law and politics today. In particular, it examines three broad areas of law and society scholarship: disputing, decision making, and legal ideology and consciousness. Keywords: law , society , politics , disputing , decision making , legal ideology. Levine ; Schlegel ; Garth and Sterling

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Law and Society

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Social change involves alteration of the social order of a society. It may include changes in social institutions , social behaviours or social relations. Social change may refer to the notion of social progress or sociocultural evolution , the philosophical idea that society moves forward by evolutionary means. It may refer to a paradigmatic change in the socio-economic structure, for instance the transition from feudalism to capitalism , or hypothetical future transition to some form of post-capitalism. Social Development refers to how people develop social and emotional skills across the lifespan, with particular attention to childhood and adolescence. Healthy social development allows us to form positive relationships with family, friends, teachers, and other people in our lives.

We have seen that social change stems from natural forces and also from the intentional acts of groups of people. This section further examines these sources of social change. Much of the discussion so far has talked about population growth as a major source of social change as societies evolved from older to modern times. As just one example, the number of school-aged children reached a high point in the late s as the children of the post—World War II baby boom entered their school years. This swelling of the school-aged population had at least three important consequences. First, new schools had to be built, modular classrooms and other structures had to be added to existing schools, and more teachers and other school personnel had to be hired Leonard,

Law and social change positions and roles, and the linkages between individuals and society. Almost any aspect of social life can be subject to legal regulation.

Duke Forum for Law & Social Change

For these activists, the Tunisian law on marriage registration had initially been able to change social practices through the introduction of civil marriage upon independence and was currently overturned under Salafi influence. Against the background of the recent Tunisian debate, this article examines the application of the law on marriage registration by judges and lay people between independence and in order to understand to what extent this law was indeed effective in bringing about social change in the field of marriage registration. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

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Duke Forum for Law & Social Change

Law and Society

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Advocating Social Change through International Law


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