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elements and compounds pdf wifistudy

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Science has its own history of completely transforming the entire world that we live in. Science is a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge and can be one of the toughest subjects to understand. In this chapter, you learn the way of writing chemical equations and balance them, types of chemical reactions, combination reaction, displacement reaction, double displacement reaction, effects of oxidation reactions, corrosion, rancidity. In this chapter, you will study the physical and chemical properties of metals and non-metals, the process of corrosion, the occurrence of metals in the environment and their extraction. In this chapter, you will learn about the processes of nutrition, transpiration, respiration, and excretion in plants, in animals and in humans. In this chapter, you will study some topics in details such as the nervous system of human beings, explanation about the anatomy of the Human Brain, coordination in plant and hormones in animals.

The Periodic Table – Groups, Periods & Atomic Number Explained!

Cracku brings to you the capsule — One Liners covering exam specific topics in Chemistry. Matter and its Nature. Current Affairs February Strong Acid: An acid, which dissociates completely or almost completely in water. Weak Acid: An acid that dissociates only partially when dissolved in water.

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The Periodic Table is probably one of the most iconic scientific documents, a single table that holds within itself almost all chemical knowledge amassed by man. The periodic table is a tabular arrangement of elements, organized by atomic number, number of free electrons, and grouped together by similarity in chemical properties. Read this article on Periodic Table, to know all about chemical elements, atomic no. The Periodic Table has elements which organized on the basis of atomic number and grouped based on similarity in chemical properties. The first element is Hydrogen H with atomic number 1 and the last element is Oganesson Og with atomic number The elements are indexed in order of increasing atomic number in the periodic table.

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