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market orientation advantages and disadvantages pdf

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A market orientation strategy is a business approach where companies attempt to identify the wants and needs of customers and produce products and services to meet the needs.

Does your business enjoy the benefits of the marketing orientation, or does it have another focus?

Disadvantage of Market Orientation

A business is considered marketing-oriented when its organizational strategy focuses on meeting the needs and wants of its customers. New products are developed and introduced only after first determining what the customers want. This approach contrasts with the product-oriented strategy, commonly found in industries that produce technological and electronic goods, which emphasizes the development and differentiation of products. Marketing-oriented businesses are better able to address consumer demand for products and retain loyalty from their customers. However, closely following trends may result in lack of product differentiation. Every business needs customers to thrive, and having a marketing orientation puts the customer demand front and center.

The Benefits of the Marketing Orientation for your Business

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Is your business reaping the advantages of marketing orientation focused on the customer? If not, it's probably leaving profits on the table, and consumers could be fleeing to your competitors. Marketing orientation means that the resources of the company are directed toward meeting the wants and needs of the customer. A company with a marketing focus understands every aspect of its markets and the reasons that motivate consumers to buy its products or services. A market approach does not try to predict product trends or make guesses about future consumer demands for goods. Instead, it reacts to what customers tell you they want.

While a market orientation can offer a number of benefits, potential disadvantages exist. Constant Change. Market orientation often requires businesses to quickly.

The five marketing orientations and their advantages and disadvantages

Show full item record Statistics. The current methods of measurement of market orientation. Tomaskova, Eva. Business enterprises -- Marketing -- Evaluation Marketing -- Mathematical models Organizational effectiveness -- Marketing -- Measurement.

Demonstrate the characteristics of production orientation from an economic and marketing perspective. The evolution from production-oriented organizations to marketing-oriented organizations was driven by a shift toward a marketplace that catered to meeting customer wants and needs rather than strictly delivering product features and functionality. However, until the s, organizations relied on the assumption that their businesses would be profitable so long as they produced high quality products that were durable and worked well.

Whilst marketers and marketing teams can usually dictate the marketing strategies it adopts, it cannot always dictate the organisation's marketing orientation. An organisation focus and subsequently its marketing is centred around five key categories, classified into the following orientation groups: Production orientation, product orientation, sales orientation, societal orientation and market orientation. These approaches dictate the priorities and processes existent within the organisation, and perhaps more importantly, the manner in which the organisation takes its core offering to market and how it empowers its marketing teams. A production orientated organisation commonly operates a mass production model and streamlines this production process for its product offering.

The Benefits of the Marketing Orientation for your Business

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