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schemes under ministry of petroleum and natural gas pdf

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The EoI are available on the websites of the IndianOil iocletenders. Speaking on the occasion, the Petroleum Minister said that the Swachhta fortnight is being observed throughout the country, and this is a significant move in this direction. He said that the Gas is clean and cheaper mode of fuel and the Government has taken several steps to promote its production and usage.

Public Procurement

Click here for Paper I G. For queries, reach us on prestorming shankarias. Why in news? What were the notable events in Natural Gas sector?

What are the measures taken on energy accessibility? What were the measures taken on clean energy? Source: PIB. About Us How to prepare? March Join us on Telegram. Eligible and Interested candidates contact Mr. Chandra Sekar S chandrasekar. January 03, Survey of un-appraised areas of Sedimentary Basins of India - Under this Government prepared a Project to conduct 2D seismic surveys of all sedimentary basins of India. Pradhan Mantri Urja Ganga - This is the national gas grid project which aims to provide piped natural gas PNG connection in the eastern part of the country by developing additional 15, km of gas pipeline network.

At present, the natural gas grid in the country predominantly connects the western, northern and south-eastern gas markets with major gas sources. This scheme primarily aims to provide the clean energy in the Eastern part of the country.

Union Government has envisaged to expand the coverage of CGD networks across the country in synchronisation with the Gas availability and pipeline connectivity. Augmentation of refinery sector - Out of the 23 refineries operation in the country, 18 are in public sector, 3 are in private sector and two as a joint venture with a total refining capacity of By this India is self-sufficient in the refining capacity for its domestic consumption and also exports a sufficient quantity of petroleum products.

As on December more than 3. Out of this, Click here to know more about BS fuel norms. This will be beneficial to farmers in addressing stubble burning issues and also provides cleaner fuel. Login or Register to Post Comments. There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to review. Select Year

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas Schemes

About 55 Blocks having an acreage area of 59, sq km were awarded in Bid Round-I. This is mainly for commercial exploration, research and development and academic purposes. Investment opportunities are in the upstream sector, gas pipeline, city gas distribution CGD network, LNG terminal, development of underground coal gasification, coal to liquids, petrochemical and refinery. Read More. With an aim to monetize hydrocarbon resources locked-in for years, the GoI approved the Discovered Small Field Policy.

The information provided here is explanatory. Where there is a conflict between this information and the Act, the Act shall prevail. The administrator establishes the method to determine producer prices for natural gas as well as administering the regulatory framework and policy for royalty administration. Base 9: Base 9 is a classification of non-conservation gas that is produced from wells spudded on Crown land after May 31, , where oil and natural gas rights were issued after May 31, and which were completed within 60 months of the date that the rights were issued. Base Base 12 is a classification of non-conservation gas that is produced from wells spudded on Crown land after May 31, , unless they meet the criteria for Base 9 or Base Base Base 15 is a classification of non-conservation gas that is produced from wells spudded on Crown land or freehold land before June 1, , or is revenue sharing gas. Collector: The Collector is the person appointed at the Ministry of Finance as the royalty collector and oversees the reporting and collecting of oil and natural gas royalties and taxes.

It is responsible for the exploration, production, refining, distribution, marketing, import, export, and conservation of petroleum , natural gas , petroleum products , and liquefied natural gas in India. The ministry is headed by the Cabinet Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. The ministry has administrative control over various public-sector undertakings of the Government of India. On 20 February , A group of seven Indian petroleum ministry and oil firm employees were arrested for allegedly stealing and leaking classified documents to energy companies in exchange for cash payments. The group stole, photocopied and leaked confidential oil ministry documents related to energy pricing and policy in exchange for undisclosed sums of money. They were apprehended when Delhi police received a tip that the men were trying to break into offices at the ministry.

This Scheme has entered the Guinness Book of World. Record for Beneficiary. The Oil and gas PSUs under this Ministry have selected a.

Glossary for oil and natural gas

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Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

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