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trust and antitrust baier pdf

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‘Trust is Basic’

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Trust And Antitrust

Numerous researchers have proposed that trust is essential for understanding interpersonal and group behavior, managerial effectiveness, economic exchange and social or political stability, yet according to a majority of these scholars, this concept has never been precisely defined. This article reviews definitions from various approaches within organizational theory, examines the consistencies and differences, and proposes that trust is based upon an underlying assumption of an implicit moral duty. This moral duty—an anomaly in much of organizational theory—has made a precise definition problematic. Trust also is examined from philosophical ethics, and a synthesis of the organizational and philosophical definitions that emphasizes an explicit sense of moral duty and is based upon accepted ethical principles of analysis is proposed. This new definition has the potential to combine research from the two fields of study in important areas of inquiry. Learn About the New eReader. Downloaded 51 times in the past 12 months.

Trust and Antitrust. Annette Baier. Annette Baier. Search for more articles by this author · PDF · Add to favorites · Download Citations · Track Citations.

Annette Baier

Trustful interaction serves the interests of those involved. In contrast, common sense tells us that trust is an emotion and is, therefore, independent of rational deliberation to some extent. My argument is conceptual in nature, referring to the common distinction between trust and pure reliance.

Don't have an account? This chapter sets out four plausible interpretations of what he might mean by this. A psychological interpretation: children start out with a trusting attitude and learn to distrust.

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