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soil strength and slope stability pdf

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Highway embankments stability during its service period represents an important factor for the safety of highway users and vehicles. Consequently, the cost of construction of these embankments should be adequate to maintain the safety and durability during this period through proper estimation of the loading on asphalt pavement, slope stability, horizontal and vertical deformation, etc. Slope stability of the embankment mainly depends on the shear strength of the soil layers materials; this shear strength is affected by the water table level through the contribution of the capillary water.

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Soil slope is one of the main parts of the road engineering. The stability of the slope is an essential prerequisite to ensure the safe operation of road transport. In seasonal frozen regions, shallow landslide hazards in soil slopes usually happen, which pose a serious threat to road safety operations. During the melting process, there forms stagnant water lubrication between the melting soil and freezing soil interface, which constitutes the weak interface of landslide hazard. Special methods to form the freezing — thawing F-T surface is designed, and takes consider the interface strength as the foundation of experimental tests, then opening to research the soil slope stability. Safety factor modification of the soil slope is presented. The conclusions of this paper present well theoretical and applied value to the regional slope failure analysis.

UTexas4 is a computer software application for computing the stability of earth and earth-rock slopes and embankments. Stephen G. Wright of Shinoak Software, who is well-recognized as one of the leading experts in solving problems in soil strength and slope stability Duncan and Wright, UTexas4 has been considered one of the most sophisticated commercial software available to study the stability of slopes using a two-dimensional, limit-equilibrium method. UTexas4 features unique random techniques for generation of potential failure surfaces for subsequent determination of the most critical surfaces and their corresponding factors of safety.

Research on the Soil Slope Stability Based on Soil Strength Deterioration in Seasonal Frozen Areas

Diederichs, M. This paper is intended to illustrate the applicability of Shear Strength Reduction SSR as a general technique for obtaining Factor of Safety estimates for slopes in variable geology, progressive or locally brittle yield behaviour and with ground-structure interaction. Implications of the assumptions required to ensure this correlation are discussed including uniform stiffness, rigid-plastic behaviour, instantaneous interaction between geological units, and instantaneous generation of support loads. General applicability of the method is demonstrated and the limitations explored using Discrete Element simulation of multi-block slope failure. The methodology is general and can be applied to other non-linear problems such as multiblock discrete element simulations. Geotechnical engineers primarily conduct slope design based on calculated factor of safety values. Limit Equilibrium LEM techniques that compare resisting forces to driving forces or moments are ideally suited to the generation of a nominal safety factor Krahn

Soil Strength and Slope Stability

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Research on the Soil Slope Stability Based on Soil Strength Deterioration in Seasonal Frozen Areas

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Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Duncan and S. Duncan , S. Wright Published Geology. This book describes the state-of-the-art methodology for evaluating and analyzing soil strength and the design and stabilization of slopes in soil. Focus is on the principles of limit equilibrium analysis and the appropriate use of computer programs.

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Much has been learned about the shear strength of soils within the past 60 years, often from surprising and unpleasant experience with the stability of slopes, and.

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    Soil strength and slope stability / J. Michael Duncan, Stephen G. Wright, Thomas L. Brandon. pages cm. Includes bibliographical references and index.

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    Soil strength and slope stability / J. Michael Duncan, Stephen G. Wright, Thomas L. Back-Calculating Shear Strength Parameters Based on Slip Surface.

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    Soil Strength and Slope Stability, Second Edition presents the latest thinking and techniques in the assessment of natural and man-made slopes, and the factors.