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participatory monitoring and evaluation tools and techniques pdf

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Creative monitoring can provide a more complete image and understanding of what the project achieved. It is widely recognised that the effects of sport and development programmes may not be easily measured and evaluated due to their focus on social and psychosocial change triggered by sports. Methods used in creative monitoring can help to monitor and consequently evaluate the achieve change in knowledge or behaviour. Outcomes and impact in the social and psychosocial field are notoriously hard to measure and assess. Skip to main content.

USAID Performance Monitoring and Evaluation TIPS

Show all documents One of the major challenges was related to local contextual factors. Often, the available resources were not adequate for taking the required actions. One of the key weaknesses noted was in the referral system, which needed a comprehensive set of communication and transport facilities at the community and facility levels. Although some progress was made through the purchase of a motorcycle ambulance and trailers as well as the pur- chase of motorised ambulances by politicians, these were not enough. Persistent inability to address problems iden- tified as a result of inadequate financial resources often frustrates health workers and managers, who are willing to bring about change; these are among the challenges that have been noted in decentralised settings in develop- ing countries.

Creative monitoring and evaluation

Your contribution can help change lives. Donate now. Learn more. Experienced community builders know that involving stakeholders - the people directly connected to and affected by their projects - in their work is tremendously important. It gives them the information they need to design, and to adjust or change, what they do to best meet the needs of the community and of the particular populations that an intervention or initiative is meant to benefit. This is particularly true in relation to evaluation. We consider the topic of participatory evaluation important enough to give it a section of its own, and to show how it fits into the larger participatory research picture.

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

After defining CFSC and the broad purpose of monitoring and evaluation, the report explains why a participatory approach to monitoring and evaluating CFSC is useful. According to the report, CFSC can be defined as a process of public and private dialogue through which people themselves define who they are, what they need and how to get what they need in order to improve their own lives. It utilises dialogue that leads to collective problem identification, decision-making and community- based implementation of solutions to development. The report explores the question - how do we know communication for social change is working? In addition to focusing on process and outcome measures, this working group agreed upon the following principles for CFSC measurement:.

Creative monitoring and evaluation

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