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All rights reserved. Support Vector Machine SVM has been introduced in the late s and successfully applied to many engineering related applications. In this chapter, attempts were made to introduce the SVM, its principles, structures, and parameters.

Support Vector Machine

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Refworks Account Login. Open Collections. UBC Theses and Dissertations. Featured Collection. Stephen Yip, Pathology, UBC Supervisory Committee Member iii Abstract Personalized medicine approaches for cancer therapy seek to determine optimal therapies for cancer patients based on the molecular profile of their tumour. The motivation is to target oncogenomic alterations in tumours with the appropriate therapies. However, it is currently infeasible to determine the optimal therapy simply given the genomic profile of a tumour.

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Support-vector machine

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The main features of the program are the following:. Machine Learning Course : If you would like to learn more about Machine Learning, you can find videos, slides, and readings of the course I teach at Cornell here. SVM struct : SVM learning for multivariate and structured outputs like trees, sequences, and sets available here. SVM light is an implementation of Vapnik's Support Vector Machine [ Vapnik, ] for the problem of pattern recognition, for the problem of regression, and for the problem of learning a ranking function.

Environmental spatial data classification with Support Vector Machines. The report deals with a first application of Support Vector Machines to the environmental spatial data classification. The simplest problem of classification is considered: using original data develop a model for the classification of the regions to be below or above some predefined level of contamination. Thus, we pose a problem as a pattern recognition task. The report presents 1 short description of Support Vector Machines SVM and 2 application of the SVM for spatial environmental and pollution data analysis and modelling.

Interest in collecting and mining large sets of educational data on student background and performance to conduct research on learning and instruction has developed as an area generally referred to as learning analytics. Higher education leaders are recognizing the value of learning analytics for improving not only learning and teaching but also the entire educational arena. However, theoretical concepts and empirical evidence need to be generated within the fast evolving field of learning analytics. The purpose of the two reported cases studies is to identify alternative approaches to data analysis and to determine the validity and accuracy of a learning analytics framework and its corresponding student and learning profiles. The findings indicate that educational data for learning analytics is context specific and variables carry different meanings and can have different implications across educational institutions and area of studies. Benefits, concerns, and challenges of learning analytics are critically reflected, indicating that learning analytics frameworks need to be sensitive to idiosyncrasies of the educational institution and its stakeholders. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

In machine learning, support-vector machines are supervised learning models with associated SVMs are helpful in text and hypertext categorization, as their application can Vapnik's theory which avoids estimating probabilities on finite data; The SVM is "Applications of Support Vector Machines in Chemistry" (PDF​).


In machine learning , support-vector machines SVMs , also support-vector networks [1] are supervised learning models with associated learning algorithms that analyze data for classification and regression analysis. Given a set of training examples, each marked as belonging to one of two categories, an SVM training algorithm builds a model that assigns new examples to one category or the other, making it a non- probabilistic binary linear classifier although methods such as Platt scaling exist to use SVM in a probabilistic classification setting. An SVM maps training examples to points in space so as to maximise the width of the gap between the two categories. New examples are then mapped into that same space and predicted to belong to a category based on which side of the gap they fall. In addition to performing linear classification , SVMs can efficiently perform a non-linear classification using what is called the kernel trick , implicitly mapping their inputs into high-dimensional feature spaces. When data are unlabelled, supervised learning is not possible, and an unsupervised learning approach is required, which attempts to find natural clustering of the data to groups, and then map new data to these formed groups.

The monitors of oscillometry blood pressure measurements are generally utilized to measure blood pressure for many subjects at hospitals, homes, and office, and they are actively studied. These monitors usually provide a single blood pressure point, and they are not able to indicate the confidence interval of the measured quantity. In this paper, we propose a new technique using a recursive ensemble based on a support vector machine to estimate a confidence interval for oscillometry blood pressure measurements. The recursive ensemble is based on a support vector machine that is used to effectively estimate blood pressure and then measure the confidence interval for the systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. The recursive ensemble methodology provides a lower standard deviation of error, mean error, and mean absolute error for the blood pressure as compared to those of the conventional techniques. Blood pressure BP always fluctuates concerning factors such as stress, exercise, disease, and inherent physiological oscillations [ 1 ].

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