Make Foundation – stories from Syria through art

Make foundation 2

As the war in Syria stretches on, Michelle Carlile-Alkhouri and Michel Alkhouri have formed the Make Foundation, a charity that helps Wellington kids to learn and share the stories of Syrian people through music and art. The money they raise from this artwork will bring similar music and art projects to Syrian children who have been displaced by war.

You’ll hear music that was inspired by the Syrian conflict, and created by children (including Naia and Luka who join us in the studio).

Make Foundation encourages anyone who feels inspired to help to get in touch through their website:


Courtney Durr – Body Love Blueprint

Body Love!

Body Love!

This week on B-Side Stories host Martin Andrews chats with Body Love Blueprint founder Courtney Durr, about her journey from personal trainer to start up founder and incorporating her own personal philosophy of self love and worth being more important than whats reflected on the bathroom scales. An honest and inspiring discussion for both men and women alike!

Steve O’Connor – rocking the electricity boat

Steve - Flick Electric Co. (Hi Res)-4

One Wellingtonian currently rocking the electricity boat is Flick Electric Co. CEO Steve O’Connor. As well as being just the kind of rising star in the tech scene that Wellington is trumpeting, Flick Electric is bringing our attention closely to the dirty side of our power use, with their “Choice” app. The app has been downloaded by over 3000 people since it’s release in February.
The dirty truth is out; listen to this interview with  Steve to hear more about what we can do to clean up our act.

31 Days In…. Wellington


Linking art – with music – with food rescue is not commonly done, but if it can be done anywhere – it’s Wellington. We recently caught up with Tim and Zoe from 31 Days In who told us all about the third outing for their 31 Days In project which creates art for each of 31 days in a city somewhere in the world. This time they went a step further, sourcing local musicians and bands to submit a track which gets paired to their art for that day. They’re selling the tracks and all proceeds go to Kaibosh.

Listen below to hear all about the project:


Finn and Molly meat-up for Not Your Mum’s Tupperware Party

Finn and Molly 1

Finn Roy and Molly Sokhom joined B-Sides to sing the praises of the NZ International Comedy Festival. They have their own show in the festival called, “Not Your Mum’s Tupperware Party” from 10-14 May 2016 at Ivy Bar.

It’s the only show in the festival where you have the chance to win a meat pack (or chickpeas)! And they’ve got ‘some very good jokes planned out’ too.

The NZ International Comedy Festival has been key to the growth of the Wellington comedy scene. Check it out here:

Keeping Wellington Warm this Winter with the Sustainability Trust

ecoshop girls2We were joined by Lee Barry and Rena Kohere from the Sustainability Trust to discuss their upcoming Warm Up for Winter Market this Saturday 10am til 2pm at their shop on Forresters Lane.

They also chatted about the other great products that can help you keep warm this winter, including their Curtain Bank that helps those in need get custom made curtains free of charge.

Listen to the interview below:

And for more information, visit their website.

What a way to make a living: poetry with Sara Hirsch and Ben Fagan

Ben and Sara

Ben is a Wellington native, and Sara is big-city UK Slam Champ. They are making a living by making their way all over New Zealand in a spoken word poetry tour!

They joined B-Side Stories to talk about spreading spoken word, international bridge building, and changing the world with poetry. They also shared some original poems that will make you laugh, and make you think.

To learn more, visit: and

For more performance poetry in Wellington: